Elf Essential brush set

To end Elf week on the blog, I have Elf Essential brush set to show you.

This is an interesting set, just because it includes a brush cleaner that I wanted to try. The 6 brushes included in the set:

– Bronzing brush: I appreciate the angled cut but find it too loosely packed and use it to apply under-eye setting powder instead.
– Eyelash & brow wand: works fine on my brows
– Eyeshadow brush: dense enough to deposit eyeshadows well, but the bristles are a bit short which results in the ferule scratching the eyeshadow pan
– Eyeliner brush: meant for both wet and dry formulas. It feels firm but not scratchy, but have not used it enough to form an opinion
– Concealer brush: same material as the eyeliner brush. The super fine tip works well for spot concealing
– Smudge eye sponge: to smudge and blend eyeliner for smokey eyes but I prefer a brush.

The daily brush cleaner is to disinfect brushes between uses, before you could give them a proper wash.

Instructions: spray several times over the brush bristles, gently wipe brush onto a clean cloth to remove makeup. Allow brush to fully air dry before next use.

Well, the cleaner does an ok job with small brushes that were used for powder products but takes longer for those with cream/ gel products. And it has quite a strong scent that might be off-putting to some and I would hesitate to recommend it.

A glance at the ingredients (Alcohol Denat., Water and Fragrance) hints that you can totally make this brush cleanser yourself as well. The bottle is 2.02oz/ 60ml, $3 on its own on Elf website.

The complete set is no longer sold on Elf website but I still it at Winners and Superstore sometimes, thought I would get you covered if you consider a purchase.

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