Elf Studio baked products

I always have a weakness for baked makeup, and when they are inexpensive and on sale, don’t mind if I do 🙂 They are certainly the first thing I dived in from the Elf Studio haul.

Like I said before, Elf did a good job with the padded packaging and extra wrapping paper in the box, so all my goodies arrived safe. You know how fragile baked items are in transit.

I’m happy to report also that the colours are just good as the packaging, worth a try definitely 🙂

First, the eyeshadows.

First row: Toasted and Burnt Plum, from the more neutral side of the colour spectrum.

Second row: Chocolate Dreams and Passion Purple, the more exciting selections 🙂

The eyeshadows retail $3, with 0.12 oz/ 3.5g in each – standard size and packaging for baked eyeshadows. The line has about 10 shades and I think I picked good ones 🙂

I swatched them below, with a damp eyeshadow brush, in the same order.

Toasted is a rose gold, gorgeous when swatched but unfortunately is very close to my skin tone, almost invisible on.

Burnt Plum is a medium plum/ bronze shade, good for neutral looks.

Chocolate Dreams is a chocolate brown with beautiful shimmers (which don’t show up much on the eyes, no worries). My favorite of the bunch.

Passion Purple looks darker in the pan. I kinda secretly hoped it is a darker purple than violet, but I can make do 🙂

The baked blush is Rich Rose, the darkest among the 4 shades offered. The gorgeous coral veins running through the product kill me. It is not totally matte but no visible shimmers either.

The baked highlighter is in Blush Gems, the medium toned shade among the 3 colour available.

These two also retails $3 each but have quite a bit more product in the pan than the eyeshadows (0.21 oz/ 6g).

Here they are, first swatched with a damp eyeshadow brush, then with a dry blush brush.

As you can see, these are not as pigmented as the eyeshadows. The blush is visible enough for the cheeks and I like the finish, so no complains there.

The highlighter is more subtle and a little harder to see in certain lighting. I tend to use it more as an eyeshadow.

Needless to say, I might have to get more baked items in my order 🙂

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