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Elite Fitness Tire WOD; Inspired by CrossFit

Elite Fitness Tire WOD; Inspired by CrossFit

I’ve been teaching Elite Fitness classes for the past three weeks at my new gym, Just Fitness.  We base our Elite Fitness classes off of a lot of the same principles that CrossFit is built on, pulling from multiple schools of training philosophies such as Olympic lifting, kettlebell training, high intensity training and strength training.  Personally, I’ve been training CrossFit style workouts for over 4 years and I love it and now I’m loving teaching it!

CrossFit, along with our Elite Fitness program, is a great combination of strength training and cardio that gets your heart going, burns fast and furious calories and builds strength, muscle definition and with the fully functional exercises we do, it’s helped me alot with my pain from my injuries, by strengthening the areas and muscles that I use every day.

Elite Fitness Tire WOD; Inspired by CrossFit

Besides easing the pain that I’m in every day, I think my favorite part about CrossFit is that you can do a different workout every day and never repeat the same workout plan and your workouts never get stagnant and I’ve yet to see a plateau in my training.  The biggest issue that I hear in the gym is that people plateau and for myself, I get bored easily and have a… look something shiny… sorry…  I have a short attention span, but I have yet to see this happen to anyone while training CrossFit.

Since getting back into these CrossFit style workouts, I’m down four inches around my waist and down nine pounds on the scale.  This makes me so happy because it’s giving more and more confidence and making me less self conscience with my shirt off.  It’s also great because thanks to GNC and FitFluential, I’m going to Carson, California to the CrossFit Games and I’m going to be blogging, live tweeting using the hashtag #CrossFitGNC and sharing photos on my Facebook Page, daily from the event.  I have a funny feeling it’s going to be hot as balls in California in July (I’ve never been before and I’m really looking forward to it!) and I figure it’s going to be “shirts off weather”.

Elite Fitness Tire WOD; Inspired by CrossFit

Inspired by the CrossFit Games, this past weekend I recorded my workout and wanted to share it with you all.  The workout was also inspired by two other FitFluential Dudebasadors, Brad Gouthro and Steve Pfiester who used tires in their workouts last week and I thought I had to jump in with one of my own.



Have a watch of the workout and let me know what you think! It was a tough one. It took me 25:54 to complete it at 8am on a Saturday. I’m not sure if I had have been a bit more awake if I would have done it faster, but I was pretty happy with my time.  I did the kettlebell clean and press with a 40lbs KB and our tire weighs 300lbs and is 26″ high.

Have you ever tried CrossFit? Would you? Do the CrossFit Games inspire you?


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