Elvis has Entered the Building: Meet RCMP NS’s Newest K9


RCMP Nova Scotia want you to meet Elvis, but not the slick haired twisty dancer in a sparkly suit, but an eager and impressive German Shepherd with a lovely barking voice.

The 3.5 year old Elvis arrived from Langley, BC mid-February and has been working out of Truro with his handler, Cpl. Al Hamilton.  When they’re not responding to calls, the duo work to improve their knowledge of each other’s mannerisms and personality so they develop a strong and unique bond as police officers. Elvis lives with Cpl Hamilton and is ready and eager to go to work. This adds to the bonding of the two.

Elvis has been previously trained as a police dog, but after his last handler retired he came to NS to work. He was introduced to his new handler and they have already began the bonding process, taking part in training designed to introduce a service dog and new handler to each other. As Elvis and Cpl Hamilton spend time together, they will learn to recognize each other’s body language and vocalizations.  This trust is essential for the duo to perform such a large variety of tasks in a wide variety of environments.





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