The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia offers the following information for Pet Owners during Emergency Preparedness Week (May 7 – 13, 2017).


•Do not leave your pets behind if you need to be evacuated.

• As rescue officials may not allow you to take your pets if you need to be rescued, do not wait until the last minute to evacuate.

• Securely fasten a current identification tag to your pet’s collar. It’s a good idea to include a phone number of a friend or family member so someone who finds your pet will be able to reach someone who knows you.

• Microchipping your pet is the safest way to ensure your pet is returned to you safe if lost or stolen.

• Carry a photo of you and your pet for identification purposes.

• Transport pets in secure pet carriers and keep pets on leashes or harnesses.

• Because most emergency shelters do not admit pets, call hotels in a safe location and ask if you can bring your pets. Ask the manager if a no-pet policy can be lifted during the disaster.

• If you and your pets cannot stay together, call friends, family members, veterinarians or boarding kennels in a safe area to arrange foster care.

• Prepare an emergency kit for your pet, filled with at least a three-day supply of food, water medical records, owner’s documentation, cat litter, garbage bags, can opener, toys, blankets, hand sanitizers and medication.

• Keep a list of emergency phone numbers (veterinarian, local animal control, animal shelters, Red Cross, etc.).


The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia is a charitable organization, working in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross to set up and run emergency shelters, for animals affected by man-made and natural disasters. With the Red Cross being one of the leading organizations when it comes to providing humanitarian support in times of disaster, it seems like a natural fit that we now work together. People love their pets and would not want to leave them behind. Now, you can evacuate with your pet, and you both have a safe place to go.

Working with a great group of volunteers, we provide information to the public on emergency preparedness by attending community events, giving educational presentations and promoting items like our ‘Life Meter for Pets” that helps raise awareness about leaving your pets in vehicles in hot weather.


Source: Media Release

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