Emergency Preparedness = #StormWine

It’s the winter that never ends… I am currently sitting in the middle of a freaking snowpocalypse. Check this out… does that swirly greeninsh thing concern you?


It puts a little fear in my heart.

I have to be honest!

So here’s how I prepared for this weather bomb:

  • Of course I bought wine. I wouldn’t want to be without. And good thing I did, the liquor stores are now closed. Phew, that was close.
  • I bought #stormchips for the girls and I. We need to have munchies to watch the weather outside.
  • I turned the heat up sky high and now I’m sweating while I type… we have electric heat and don’t have a second heat source so I’m hoping that by turning up the heat, heating the floors (in floor radiant heat) and the air, we’ll be ok for a little while if the power goes out.
  • I’ve charged our devices. God forbid I’d be without a cell if we lose power. I’d lose my mind!
  • We have a well, so I tried to fill the bathtub in case we need to flush… only to discover that the plug in the tub doesn’t work. Lovely. So I filled a bucket that I found in the garage.
  • I filled the car with gas in case we need to get out of dodge. In 2003, Halifax had a hurricane and we were 5 days without power so I fled to my parents’ house. Luckily I now live 10 mins from them but if they lose power too, I’m screwed!

The only thing I forgot to do was NAIL DOWN THE FREAKING SIDING! Isn’t that on everyone’s emergency preparedness list? Check this out. The sliding is not going to last long on my house!

PS: I just opened my #stormwine… and raised a glass to our first responders, nurses and folks that have to be out in this weather to serve others. Thank you! I hope you have a quiet, uneventful and SAFE night. 


Happy Birthday Bluenose.

Metro Transit Bus Service Will Resume Early Thursday, March 27