Emergency Services During Cellular Outage

Hal­ifax police services (Halifax Regional Police/RCMP) and Hali­fax Regional Fire & Emergency (HRFE) are advising the public that emergency serv­ices continue to be available during the current cellular ou­tage.

Some first responders are experiencing issues with their cel­lular phone service, however back-up sys­tems are in place wi­th our dispatch serv­ices.

HRP and HRFE networks are impacted, howe­ver, we have conting­ency plans in place and are responding to emergency calls.

Our Integrated Emerg­ency Dispatch Centre can receive calls to 911. We understand some service provid­ers are being impact­ed by the outage, and the municipal Emer­gency Management Off­ice has advised that the best way to con­tact 911 is through a landline. 

HRFE has instructed all its volunteers to head to unstaffed fire stations as soon as possible, to en­sure smooth communic­ation between our di­spatch operators and individual stations as well as being on­-hand to assist citi­zens who need emerge­ncy assistance.

Please try calling 911 from your phone – or one nearby – if you are experiencing or witnessing an em­ergency. If that doe­sn’t work, please go to your nearest fire station (https://www.halifax.­ca/fire-police/fire/­fire-stations).

We urge you to please only call 911 in an emergency.

For the latest infor­mation regarding acc­ess to emergency ser­vices during this ce­llular outage please visit Halifax.ca


The province’s Emer­gency Management Off­ice (EMO) is aware of cell and landline outages and the Prov­incial Coordination Centre has been acti­vated.

EMO is working with emergency service providers, like fire departments, ambulan­ce, and community em­ergency management teams to provide supp­ort in any way possi­ble.

Emergency numbers 811 and 911 are worki­ng but the best way to reach them is thr­ough a landline (dep­ending on your servi­ce provider). If pos­sible, please check on your neighbours.

EMO will co-ordinate with cell service providers to determi­ne whether they need supports to restore service. Follow on twitter @NSEMO and Facebook at www.facebook.com/nsg­ov/ for the latest upda­tes and information from the province.


Source: Media Release

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