Enjoy Food Safely Over the Holidays

Whether it is turkey with all the trimmings, or a different holiday feast on the menu, Nova Scotians are urged to follow some important tips to safely enjoy food over the holidays.

“We encourage all Nova Scotians to keep food safety in mind this holiday season and be aware of proper food-handling practices,” said Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell. “Being mindful of how we handle, cook, store and transport food will help prevent food-borne illness from harming our loved ones.”

Some tips to remember include keeping work surfaces and utensils clean, separating foods to avoid cross-contamination, cooking foods to proper temperatures, and chilling food promptly to avoid bacteria growth.

The Department of Agriculture has several food safety fact sheets
online, which include:
— how to prepare and serve buffets
— how to travel with food
— how to prepare and store holiday foods
— how to order and serve take-out foods such as meat trays
— how to save and re-serve leftovers
— how to buy, thaw and cook a turkey and store leftovers

The fact sheets are available at http://www.novascotia.ca/agri/programs-and-services/food-protection/factsheets-publications/.

Provincial food safety staff provide consumer education and facility inspections throughout the year to help protect the health of Nova Scotians.

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