Essence Longlasting lipsticks

Pheww, I survived the crazy rain this morning. Let’s talk lipsticks 🙂

Catching my eyes first among new Essence products this Fall is the Longlasting lipsticks.

Their claim is to provide intensive colours for several hours without drying out the lips. Quite modest, compared to those 12hrs or all day wear claims other lipstick lines promote, but I don’t know if only few hours justifies the “long lasting” name.

Name aside, I appreciate the packaging upgrade on these lipsticks – sleek matte black tube, with colour indication ring and label, especially when it only comes with a very small price tag. The white print on the Dark Romance item is an added bonus.

I got 3 shades from the core line and 1 LE shade.

01 Coral Calling is a gentle coral that I can wear, I was glad to find it.

06 Barely There! is great for work touchups during the day when I don’t feel like a bright shade.

14 Adorable Matt! is a good red, with the best pigmentation among the 4. It does appear to be a little less shiny than the rest but is not a complete matte either.

01 Red Romance (LE, from the Dark Romance collection) is the berry version of Adorable Matt!, I am a big fan. If this is your type of colour, go get it now before it’s gone for good.

Swatches in the same order, with Red Romance at the bottom.

The Longlasting lipsticks are 0.13oz/ 3.8g, $2.99 each. I found the “few hours” claim quite true, but I didn’t expect more than that, so it’s all good. As long as you don’t hold these to their name, I would recommend them.

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