Etsy finds

Hi everyone. I’m in Newfoundland for a workshop (just flew in tonight), so tired from packing, tyding up the place a bit and cooking some food for the bf and Squirt. Came back from the meet and greet, a bit hungry but there was nothing to snack on as I forgot to pack them 🙂

The TV was even too loud for me right now, I’m in a weird mood. So just kinda throw some cute things at you to lighten up. Hope you don’t mind random posts.

I was looking around on etsy and found HandmaidenBC, a shop based out of Vancouver, BC.

They have the neatest ideas ever, like this Apple Sweater, $14. First off, how cute is that to dress up your apples? Your lunch would be a lot more fun with them, I’m sure. They even suggest to leave the button open for a “casual look”, lol.

Second, the idea was to protect your apples from bruising for rolling around in your bag/ lunch bag until you’re ready to eat it, which is totally bang on.

This product scores double for me.

At PooPsie Daisy Shop , I found a pretty bird design on a necklace. This is the Purple bird necklace with natural pearls, $64.

It must have taken them lots of time and effort to make the bird’s tail, as it looks quite complicated to me. The pattern and the colours. And then you add pearl to the picture? Perfect.

For ladies with high sense of fashion, you would know better than I do what to pair this necklace with. But if I could afford one, I’d wear it with a tube top, just to show it off full effect 🙂

The shop offers free shipping everywhere, I think.

Do you like fish as a pet? CuteAbility obviously does.

They have the Goldfish Bowl Earrings, $12.75, like bringing your pet with you, lol. I just think it’s a fun idea, for days that you need some pick-me-up. It’s crazy but hilarious, don’t you think?

They even make earrings in shapes of avocadoes, bacon & eggs, lol. I browse their shop and just smile. Squirt would certainly get a kick out of their pieces, like the Chipmunk in a Teacup necklace. If she sees this, I’m in trouble 🙂

Lastly, I found this Bow Cloche at Jaybird Design.

What got me isn’t the crocheted hat itself but who (or what) is modelling it. Are you impressed?

I have never seen such a beautiful face on a mannequin (or face model, I don’t know what you call this thing) before. Look at the details of blue eyes with lashes, blush, perfect dark red lipstick on cute little lips, not mentioning the little mole on the side of the mouth. Omg!

Should I just convo the lady and ask where she got the “girl” from already, lol?

I have been on esty buying mineral makeup, but haven’t ventured out much. Do you have a favorite etsy store, please share!

Good night all!

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