Evening Action At #Bedford Range Raises Questions


Yesterday, July 23, I noticed the familiar “pop pop pop” from the Bedford Rifle Range later in the afternoon. It seemed a little louder than usual, probably because of the weather.
Anyone from the Bedford/Sackville area usually does not even notice the sounds of weaponry being used – we have grown up with it as background noise for decades.

When I do notice it, I like it. It’s home.
Yesterday was a little out of the ordinary. I picked up a few tweets about the firing still going on past mid evening. Maybe they were doing dusk/darkness training. I personally have no problem with this and I’m sure the military would not care if I did. Here is what I read:

Around 9:46 P.M.

” @sack_vegas Is there a war going on? I think they are still at the rifle range.”

Around the same time someone tweeted at the Mayor:

“@MikeSavageHRM Is there a bylaw for the shooting range here in lower Sackville? its 930pm and they have been shooting off rounds”

This is not a big deal to me, but I wonder what the answer is to the second tweet? My guess is “Deal with it” from the military.

Does anyone out there know the answer? Just for fun?

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