Everyone Matters

Everyone Matters Everyone matters!

This week was the first Canadian #140 Conference, while I didn’t get to be in the room I was able to listen and take in the conference from the playroom while taking care of the boys.

You could feel the energy in the room even when you weren’t there. They had a great list of speakers, some are even friends of mine so I was looking forward to listening in.

There were a few that personally impacted me more.

When @CocktailDeeva shared about strangers in her stream, it got me thinking about online safety and how much information I put out for the world to see.

When @KarmicEvolution shared I was taken back in time. I know what it is to be homeless and to give birth with no home but a shelter. I know what it is to be a welfare mom, and to be lonely and to reach out online. I know what is not to have a decent pillow. I know what it is to be lonely, and then to have some wondeful online friends become real friends who give a hand up.

When @TJ shared about how the internet has changed his life in a short amount of time, I couldn’t help but think of all the ways the internet has changed mine.

When @tjzmommy shared about the loss of her son, and his love of Elmo, and the fierce fundrasing she has been able to do the room was inspired as was I. It also did bring back memories though of my own loss. Our children are forever with us.

When @JeffPulver spoke at the end of the day, I think that impacted me the most as he shared his job loss, and then what happened afterwards. When he shared about mattering and that every word typed matters, it really made me think. Everyone really does matter and so does what they type, the imprint of who we are is left online. What we type today matters, everyone matters and what we leave online is our legacy.

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