Exclusive interview with PC candidate Len Goucher

Bedford-Birch Cove Progressive Conservative Candidate Len GoucherIn an exclusive interview with the Bedford Beacon, Progressive Conservative Party candidate Len Goucher answered some questions about his campaign and personal life.

Why are you running for office again? Why did you decide to get into politics in the first place?

I am running again because I feel there are still things I would like to accomplish for the residents of my community and, quite frankly, I love this job.

When did you decide you wanted to run again?

I have run for some level of government in every election since 1988. It NEVER crossed my mind not to run.

What plans/initiatives do you have for Bedford-Birch Cove?

When re-elected I plan to monitor the construction of the new high school and ensure the replacement of Bedford Junior High School.

I am also aware of the demands being placed on our elementary schools and will pursue additional school development outside of the current capital construction list.

I will be pushing for a multi-use recreation centre with services for all ages.

With a growing senior population I want to ensure care and facilities are available to those who need them close to home.

How do you plan on campaigning?

I plan to stay focused on my own campaign and to work hard to make contact with as many residents as possible.

How do you plan on beating the other candidates?

I believe with my 20+ years in public life I have a proven record that stands for itself.

Have you done any polling in the riding? Of so, do you have any data on current levels of support?

I conducted some polling prior to the election being called. The information gathered indicated that I had a strong level of support within the constituency and that most residents were pleased with my performance on their behalf.

What is the most important issue(s) to the residents in your riding?

I feel the most important issues to the residents of this riding are recreational facilities, schools, health care (including facilities for seniors), and the economy.

What could you improve for the riding that you feel you did not accomplish your first time around?

I would like to continue to work towards increasing and improving recreation opportunities for the residents in my riding.

If elected, how do you plan on being involved with the people of Bedford-Birch Cove on a day to day basis?

I have always had an ‘open door policy’, whether at my constituency office or at my ministerial offices. When issues arise I have always been available to assist, either by direct involvement or by helping to direct them to the appropriate person or department.

What is your favourite song/movie/holiday destination?

It’s hard to choose just one song, but I grew up listening to the Beach Boys and the Moody Blues. Quite frankly I love most music.

My favourite movie is Apollo 13. If I had the $20 million to visit the space station I would sign up in a minute.

My favourite holiday destination would be anywhere on a cruise ship or Disneyland.

Who is your inspiration?

I am constantly inspired by the many volunteers who serve this community so tirelessly. They have been the subject of many articles I have written for various publications and I am continually impressed by their selfless efforts.

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