Fabulous French Press

Before I get to the review of the French Press that I won a few weeks ago I have a few bits and pieces to share:

  • Two of my fav bloggers, Jen and Marie were recently featured in an X-Weighted blog article, “Blogging Your Way To Health.” It’s so great to finally see some fabulous Canadian bloggers in the spotlight! if you have a moment check out the article.
  • Want to wish Foodie Girl good luck at her weigh in today. She is thisclose to having lost 10 lbs since starting her healthy lifestyle changes at the end of October. Hope all goes well chickie!
  • You may remember me mentioning that it was great to get back to my old gym last weekend. Well, tonight I’m in to Nubody’s to re-activate our memberships. We’ve agreed that it fits into the budget as long as we get to the gym at least 3 times a week. My plan is to get there twice throughout the week and then at least once on the weekend. I loved the whole WW meeting/gym routine and hope to continue it. I’m very excited to get back to some spin classes (LOVE em!!) and try out some new fitness classes with the gals.

The French Press… I’ve been on a bit of a lucky streak recently and won a Bodum French Press from a contest that Things To Do For Two had on twitter. I’ve never used a French Press before and was pretty excited that I finally had a chance to try it out!

You know nothing but the best coffee gets past these lips! 🙂 JustUS French Roast of course!

Bodum was kind enough to provide multiple sets of directions. Thankfully, it was fairly simple.

HPIM1428 HPIM1430

Take out the inside press device, add your coarse ground coffee to the pot, add hot water, put cover back on to seal all airways but DON’T press down yet. Yeah, okay I’m bad at giving directions, sounds like a four year-old wrote them.

Set timer to 4 minutes and wait impatiently for your coffee to be ready. 😉

While waiting, check out Things To Do For Two’s great looking business cards. I love their logo!

HPIM1422 HPIM1423

DING! Coffee time, whoot! Slooooooooooooooowly press down until the grounds are trapped.

HPIM1439 HPIM1440

Then pour yourself a steamy mug. Holy freaking fantastic! Seriously, the taste was incredible and the texture was thick. This was a perfect cup-a-joe! Thanks again TTDF2!


Jammie shot, aren’t the polka-dots sexay?! LOL

The rest of my Sunday Wednesday was spent cooking…homemade ww rolls and curried cauliflower soup.

Trying to figure out why the EFFFF we apparently have no septic tank??? Bossman pretty much dug up our whole entire backyard and nada. BOO.

Playing around on the computer – ie doing some freelance work and a bit of budgeting. Good bye CC debit 🙂 Plus, I got my butt off the couch and out for a very sweaty 40 min Run in the beautiful sunshine!

Not bad for a day off eh?! 🙂


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