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Fashionable Movie: Take this Waltz

Ally: Another day I’ll talk at length about my endless devotion to Sarah Polley. Today I’m just going to focus on the movie she directed starring Michelle Williams and Seth Rogan, Take This Waltz

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Something you should know about my husband, known around these parts as “El Jeffe”. El Jeffe does not do the independent movies, unless his wife is eight months pregnant and crying into a bowl of Haagan Daaz while icing her ass. No, really. That’s not a fictional story. That actually happened. So, we watched this lovely film with even lovelier fashion. Throughout the movie I frequently commented, “Oh, I love that on her” or “That’s a dress I absolutely need”.

In addition to making me want to chop off all my hair (which we’ve already discussed is not an option right now), Michelle also moved me to want to purchase this delightful blue romper:

On an aside, I love when other websites do the work for you and find out where you can purchase a similar outfit.

On an aside, I love when other websites do the work for you and find out where you can purchase a similar outfit.


Thank you to the RealStyleNetwork.com for letting me know that Free People is the place to go to obtain such a look (Obviously! I love Free People!)

Here’s a better image of the romper Michelle wears in the film:



Michelle’s character, Margot, also had an affinity for adorable-yet-age-appropriate sundresses. Some that I even think L-A would consider wearing.

And the shoes! So comfy!

And the shoes! So comfy!


I have to thank the website InspiredGround.com for having these images on their site. She also obtained a pic of the other sundress I loved in the film:



And I loved the red patterned dress above that Margot wore during her sister-in-law’s sober anniversary booze-up (much inappropriate, but the dress was on point).

I believe a couple of weeks ago (or last week? Who knows?) I was talking about the awful state of cut-off shorts that “the kids” are wearing these days. Ladies, take note:

Once again, thank you inspiredground.com

Once again, thank you inspiredground.com


Who knew Seth Rogan had such delightful ham stocks?

I love how she paired the shorts below with the gingham shirt knotted at the bottom. Bonus points for the ked-like sneakers.



So that’s pretty much my fashion wrap-up. It’s a fictional wardrobe I would love to steal. As for the movie itself, it was great. It ended on a slightly confusing note, but El Jeffe seemed to grasp the message. My confusion may have had something to do with not sleeping for the past two months. It’s a definite must-see.


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