Faux Denim a faux pas?

L-A: So, about a week ago, my husband comes home from work and tells me that he has an idea for the blog: denim leggings.


Apparently a lot of the kids studying at the ESL school on campus have been sporting them. I’m assuming he meant for me to comment on the trend in general, as opposed to telling me he thinks this is stylish. Because my initial reaction was one of revulsion and if he was suggesting this looks good, I might have to have him committed for style insanity.  I sort of put it out of my mind until this evening when, to my horror, I found a Nylon Blog post about Paris Hilton sporting faux denim leggings.


It’s true. Those are not just skinny jeans, those are indeed leggings. Faux Jean Leggings. Or, as Nylon calls them, “Jeggings”.  Whatever you call them, they are bad news.

I was a bit surprised that Nylon didn’t mention American Apparel. I thought, “hmmm…that’s odd. Surely sleazy Dov has made the leap into faux denim leggings.“  And sure enough:

RSAFD349_10 fauxdenimsim_alt

That was one of the least pornesque photo that American Apparel provides & still gives you a decent shot of the leggings. I’ve provided you with their “detail” photo of the faux denim. Of course, AA didn’t stop with leggings. They have a whole range of faux denim items. Marvy…just frigging marvy. Because that is what the world needs: fake denim leggings. (n.b. the AA reviews on these are mixed. Apparently they snag easily. One reviewer noted that you should sit on pavement while wearing them and others said they only held their shape for about three or four wears. That means no lying drunk in a gutter when your wear these suckers out).

So, here’s my problem with them (aside from the skeevy, dirty feeling I got from looking at the AA models or the fact that the whole trend makes baby Jesus cry): they aren’t jeans. They don’t look like jeans. They shouldn’t be worn as a jean substitute. They look like leggings. Sometimes they look like leggings with fake pockets and an acid wash screenprinted on them.  This is Not Okay.  And if you don’t have Paris’ skinny long legs, you will look like you are wearing leggings that almost, but not quite, look like jeans and possibly like someone who shouldn’t be wearing leggings as a pants substitute (and, quite frankly, that includes most of us).  Of course, the leggings fans will argue that leggings are pants. Here’s “b”,  one of the commentors over at Nylon:

“leggings ARE pants. you put them on like pants, they fit your waist like pants, they are pants. it’s ok to wear tight skinny jeans, but not leggings? why? they fit the same, they show off your body the same way, get over it. if you want to complain about a pair of pants, complain about the mc hammer ones that are making a comeback.”

Well, thanks b. But just because you put them on like pants, don’t make ‘em pants.

Not convinced. Well, let’s compare:

skinny_jeans_1 versus Seamless_Denim_Leggings-2

Can you spot the difference? I know I can. And it’s not just because I uploaded the pictures. The jeans on the left have actual pockets and texture and stitching. The leggings on the left are pretending and not doing a very good job of it. I may not like skinny minnie jeans, but that has more to do with the fact that I can’t get them up over one thigh. At least skinny jeans don’t look hideous like those leggings do.  My final verdict (other than gagging): Unless you need to look like you’re wearing jeans in your dance recital & you need to do some serious high kicks or the splits, then the faux denim “jeggings”are a solid faux pas in my book.

okay Ally, what about you? Are the faux denim a hit or a miss?

AllyG: Hate them. Hate.

Which is interesting because you know I am usually all over tacky-ass crap. I think I am cranky because it is Canada Day. Oh, how the time flies. This time last year I was already half in the bag trotting around my  yard, drunkenly waving at the neighbours and slurring to their children. Le sigh. As I sit with my decaf coffee, it just feels…different.

I’m glad you brought up leggings. I love leggings. Love. I love American Apparel leggings, I own a whole wack of them. However, I am adament that leggings are not pants. If they were pants, we would call them pants. Leggings are to be worn with a long shirt, or a cute little dress. Even a shirt-dress! You know who wears leggings well? Nicole Richie. That’s who:

nicole leggings

Have you seen Nicole’s faux Pantene Ad? I love her so much:

I’m also excited you spoke about Paris, who I can’t bring myself to hate. I’m sorry, I find her too entertaining. I’m sure your husband would ban me from your house for this, but I am obsessed with Paris Hilton’s My New Best Friend show. I would honestly, I swear this is true, be on that show. Here is a snipet from her British Best Friend show. She has a best friend everywhere!

“Choosing a best friend is a big decision!” CLASSIC!

This is how Paris wears leggings. I can’t even hate on it. I can’t. It’s too awesome.

Paris Leggings

Anyway. The most troubling thing about Lindsay Lohan is her leggings line. I’m serious. I find this more troubling than the drug rumours and crazy late night car chases while hopped up on the good stuff. She actually created a LEGGINGS LINE when she herself pairs leggings with what appears to be a cloth diaper:


This is reason enough for me to go with disposable diapers. Bring on the hate mail. I’ll just respond with this photo. Over and over and over again.

Regarding denim leggings, I just can’t really figure out why. I mean, why do people wear these. I would imagine they would cause droopy bum. Non? Even Kate Bosworth (who admittedly could use a sandwich buffet) can’t pull off the denim leggings and she usually brings it in anything she is wearing.


L-A, I am so disapointed that you did not find the denim leggings produced by none other than Patricia Field:


Ahoy, Matey! Incidentally, this is what I am wearing today. Sailor cap and all. Hot. Yes.

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