Favourite Friday – (Actually, it’s Thursday) April 1st Edition – tutus and poisson

{Due to Friday being a holiday, we’re giving you Fave Friday onThursday. We love you so very much.}

AllyG: Any friend of Nicole Richie’s is a friend of mine. This goes for Katie Nehra who I have learned is friends with Nic on twitter. Nehra is an actor/designer. I know, the dreaded slash, but I quite dig her stuff…which usually means L-A will be full of the haterade (this is not a bad thing, it means that we can always go shopping together without fear of having a danceoff over an outfit we both want. It would never happen.).

So, Katie Nehra is the designer behind the Simone Collection. I spotted this dress while doing my daily check-in at WhoWhatWear:

Definitly fitting for Fave Friday. You all know the soft spot I have for anything resembling a tutu.

Also, I need to give some props to Sweet Pea, one of my favourite boutiques in Halifax. One of my good friends is getting married in a couple of months and I am super honoured to have been asked to stand in her wedding. While I love my girl, A., I also love that she selected her bridesmaids dresses from Sweet Pea. GORGEOUS. I can’t show you the dress because that would obviously be an asshole move before her wedding, but perhaps she will let me showcase the wares after the big day. Sweet Pea is having a fab sale this weekend , you should check it out:

[warning: this half of the blog post may contain obscene grammatical and/or spelling errors. blame it on the robitussin and sudafed diet L-A was on all week.]

L-A: Honestly, my favourite thing this week is the fact that I’m not completely miserable on my couch anymore. That cold totally knocked me on my ass. I’m still kind of sick, but I was at least able to spend yesterday upright and at work.

I actually don’t have much of the haterade for Ally’s favourite new designer. I wouldn’t wear it on a dare, but it’s cute.  Maybe it’s because the actor/designer seems less actor-slash-designer and more designer-slash-actor?  Just a guess.  She isn’t a celebrity handed a clothing line, so it saves her from the hate on I usually get for such “designers”.

My favourite thing of the week is something on the Joe Fresh site/blog:

Joe Fresh is asking people to dare other people to do stuff. And they’re giving away prizes if you enter your own dares.  We do this for free because it’s the second Tuesday of the month. How many times can you enter? Because have we got some dares for you Mr. Joe Fresh.

Also a favourite thing: We turn one this week!! The party is on April 15, but post numero uno was on April 3.  Since the post was completely cut and paste from tweets by Ally and I, we really had no idea that we would a) ever have anyone read it (other than friends who are too nice to ignore us when we sent them links to our blog), and b) actually manage to keep this going for a full year.  So hooray! We turn one! (As does one of our favourite munchkins, Monsieur O-Dawg).

p.s. were we supposed to come up with some elaborate prank? I always sucked at April Fool’s Day jokes. Here’s a weird post-it I got from someone on April Fool’s one year when I was a secretary:

I don’t know either. I added the feet before scanning it. Something to do with Poisson d’avril, which literally translates to “Fish of April”. That sounds ridiculous enough to be awesome. Here’s your challenge for today: go around sticking paper fish onto your co-workers backs and yell “Poisson d’avril!” at them. You’ll find out pretty quick who is the April Fool in your office.

P.P.S. Crappy pop video of the week. Comparing women to take-out. Classic.

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