Favourite Friday – August 7 edition: Cocktail Rings

L-A:I was starting a different post when it occured to me: Friday comes after Thursday and that means Favourite Fridays! So here’s one of my favourite fashionable things: cocktail rings!


I pretty much love all of those rings from net-a-porter. Some more than others (love the giant square ones in green malachite and moonstone). Seriously, for me it is almost always the bigger the better when it comes to a cocktail ring.

Part of why I love cocktail rings – and cute accessories in general – is the fact that I’m a girl who often struggles with weight. So while clothes aren’t always my friends, cocktail rings, purses and shoes are. They always fit and they are always cute.

[later that same day…]

Okay, I started this post having no idea all the unhappy that would come out of today for Ally. I started it, went to work and came home to read Ally’s half of this post.  So I’m going to show you a few more cocktail rings that I am in love with and then jump down to the bottom and reply to Ally’s Bad Day.


I love Kate Spade to bits and pieces for a number of reasons, so many that I’ll probably make her the subject of another Friday. But these two rings are excellent examples of why I love Kate Spade. The first one is the, you guessed it, lime slice ring. The second is the “Lady Marmalade” ring because it looks like a disco ball. Oh yes. They do mean this Lady Marmalade:

I bet you thought I was going to link to the Moulin Rouge video.  Well, I was.  But then I thought better of it and went for some Patti LaBelle and Soul Train fabulosity.  Partly because it was awesome, partly as a reminder to us that whenever we think that poppets like Lady Gaga are breaking performance art ground with her outfits,  we need to stop and admire the outfits seen in that video. There was silver lamé. There were leggings that would make LiLo die of leggings joy.  There was the middle outfit that was like Space Harem and would be Lady Gaga approved for it’s lack of any kind of pants or even a real skirt.  And then there was whatever the hell that green thing Patti had on was.

Okay, now that I have you all happy and enjoying your Friday, humming Lady Marmalade and thinking about buying yourself a gigantic cocktail ring, I’m going to hand it over to Ally to bring you down a bit. Don’t worry, she does her best to rally her spirits.

AllyG: Do you know what’s not my favourite thing? Coming home from the grocery store to find that your entire freezer has defrosted. This particularly is on the far end of suckage when you have a massive carton of fat-free chocolate fudge Breyers ice cream in your shopping bag, along with a McCain’s International Thin Crust Pizza. I also love it when the appliance person you call not only informs you that he won’t be able to come to your home until Tuesday, but kicks you further by adding that our fridge is likely to go bust over the next day if our freezer has gone kaput. This is lovely news! El Jeffe has just marched down the street with our bag of frozen goods to deliver to our good friends for safe keeping. Tears were streaming down my face as I saw my beloved ice cream get smaller, and smaller as more distance was put between us. May I please draw your attention to a video montage that effectively expresses my emotions at this sad, sad time.

I love you chocolate fudge Breyers ice cream. I love you lots.

So, my mood for Friday is not so hot. However, the show must go on, and I am determined to make someone happy today. And that someone is L-A. Do I ever have news for my gorgeous co-blogger. One of her boyfriends is becoming a tad more fashionable. Shall I give you a clue?



Yes, my friends. A partnership has been struck between Mark Ronson and Gucci (seen above is the lovely Frida Giannini, Creative Director of Gucci…great hair). Mark will be designing trainers (love this fancy term for sneakers!) for the new pop-up trainer store. The brain child of Giannini, these stores will feature 19 trainers in total (16 for the boys, 2 for the ladies and one unisex design) and will “pop-up” in various cities around the world. I imagine this would mean more Ronson for L-A to view in some sassy Gucci ads!

In sad news, one of my favourite directors, John Hughes, has passed away. So part of this post definitly needs to be dedicated to his iconic films that still resonate so strongly today. My favourite? Hands down. The Breakfast Club.

I love Molly Ringwald. She stole my heart with the Pretty in Pink prom dress.


As I get older, I appreciate 80’s fashion so much more. Seriously. Clothes in the 80’s took themselves so very seriously. Everything was exaggerated to the extreme. There’s something so heart-wrenching about that. You know?

And who doesn’t love a good pair of leggings? Videojug was kind enough to provide some tips on “How to Wear Leg Warmers”:


  1. Wear leg warmers with flats; they are rarely seen with sneakers. Only wear sneakers with these if you truly know how.
  2. Wear leg warmers with a skirt that isn’t too playful. Leggings or spandex can be worn with leg warmers. Try to mix up this look with patterns, but don’t over-do it.
  3. You can also wear leg warmers over jeans. If you really want to look classy: wear jeans with leg warmers over them and then boots with heels. This could be really nice.
  4. Make sure the leg warmers go over your shoes.
  5. Wear them with converse and converse high tops for an urban look.
  6. Rumple them up a little bit, you want them to be below your knee. Leg warmers should be right below the knee, and worn loosely.

My favourite line? If you really want to look classy: wear jeans with leg warmers over them and then boots with heels. This could be really nice.


Seriously though. Love leg warmers.


I can only hope that the above photo brings another “you’re so old” comment (first one received in a Lady Gaga thread).

It seems this week has brought a lot of sad news as Paula Abdul has officially left Idol. It won’t be the same without moments like these:

Raise a bottle for the Abdul. You know she is.

L-A: Defrosted freezer? Loss of ice cream? Loss of Paula as a judge? Loss of John Hughes? Say it ain’t so.  (And still you bring us pics and news of my Boyfriend, His Fashionable Dreaminess. You are a saint).

I’m more inclined to think of Molly/Andie’s Pretty in Pink prom dress as more of a pink nightmare – actually, just about her entire wardrobe in that movie was a nightmare. And not because it was the 80s, but compared to the outfits sported by Annie Potts and Jon Cryer?

Reason to hate Molly Ringwald’s character? The looks she gives Duckie in that scene. She should have been falling in love with him right then and there. Not that Blane guy. Even his name was boring. That record store scene alone almost makes me forgive Jon Cryer for future transgressions.  But just because I don’t love the character of Andie doesn’t mean I didn’t love John Hughes. I could write a whole post just on him and the fashions in his wonderful teen movies (I will ignore a lot of his other movies. I love the Molly Ringwald movies and Ferris Bueller so much that I forgive him for anything else he did).  It’s because of him and Sixteen Candles that I still mutter to myself that “I loathe the bus” everytime MetroTransit makes my day difficult and I can’t take a Midol without thinking of the wedding scenes. I think Sixteen Candles is my favourite. But that’s like trying to say which flavour of Ben & Jerry’s is my favourite when I’m standing in front of the endless & awesome selection of Ben&Jerry’s in an American grocery store (because we have crap selection here in NS. And okay, my favourite is probably Festivus, which was a limited edition and retired to the flavour graveyard, but that’s besides the point. I needed a metaphor and that was all I had).

Anyway, I hope y’all have a weekend is full of John Hughes’ movies, ice cream, and maybe a bottle or two of something in a coke glass for the mess that was Paula Abdul, American Idol Judge.

paula abdul_heypaulacancel

I can’t stand American Idol, but I do love the live trainwreck that was Paula (I know she’s not actually dead. But are you really going to give a shit about her now that she’s not on Idol?). Now I’ll never watch the show.

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