Favourite Friday: December 7th Edition

Ally: So much news this week! Taylor and Harry (I know I’m in my thirties and shouldn’t care about this)! Kate and Wills and a baby!

Let’s head right to the favourites.

I’m ok with this, Kate Upton

This here, this type of art direction, is where Kate Upton should live. She should buy some real estate on this lot and plan to never move again. It’s like a Guess ad in motion, and I fully approve. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say not only is this Kate Upton at her best, but I may be starting to like her.

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Taylor actually acts like a 22 year old

I won’t deny that I enjoy Taylor Swift. I really do. I listen to a lot of her music and sadly relate to some of it. This might be why the 17 year old inside gleefully clapped in her office chair upon reading the news that Taylor had brought back Harry Styles from One Direction (could they have better last names? If they got married she could be “Swift-Styles” #Swag) to her NYC hotel, not once but TWICE.

Favourite Friday: December 7th Edition


I love how their PR person made sure to provide him with a toiletries bag prop for extra measure. Does it freak you out that there are arranged couplings in Hollywood? It freaks me out.

Pretending that the relationship is real for a moment, I’ll give some credit to Taylor in the hopes that she may be shedding her Little Girl Loves Unicorns Exclamation Mark persona.

Favourite Friday: December 7th Edition

Please, lose it.

Related to this story were reports that Eminem’s daughter Hailie tweeted out some questionable comments regarding Taylor “whoring around” and telling her to back off Harry Styles. Sigh. Guys? When did research die in the art of reporting? This was reported by all the major gossip outlets including Perez and Lainey.

If anyone had thought to just ask me whether this was true or not I could have told you that @hailiejade_x is a fake account and that the real Hailie’s account is private. I know this obviously because I follow Slim Shady’s brother Nathan Kane on Twitter (I’ve told you this before though…) and he follows the real Hailie and always points out the fakes. Too much time on my hands? Why yes I do! On another note, Nathan takes great selfies.

Favourite Friday: December 7th Edition


Back to the fake Hailie making the whore comments, that’s a whole different discussion for a whole other day. Can we let Taylor grow up already and make horrible mistakes that she’ll laugh about when she’s in her thirties while sitting with neighbours in the suburbs sipping on multiple pinot grigios? She needs that. It’s what life is all about.

Rare actually pretty good music video that shows hope my typical musical taste has not killed all of my sensibilities

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L-A: You know, I don’t hate that song. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I’m also amazed by how much thought Ally has given to the veracity of Eminem’s daughter being on the Twitter and telling at Swifty.

(Ally: Preach, sister. It is amazing. Really though, I’m shocked that Billy Bush didn’t look at this Twitter account and realize right away it was a fake. It’s a whole other issue that we need to touch on sometime, people dedicating hours of their day to impersonating people. You didn’t have to be Angela Lansbury on Murder She Wrote to realize it was a scam.

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Scam, people. Pay more attention. Back to L-A.)

Speaking of America’s country sweetheart, we could almost call this the Taylor Swift edition of favourite Fridays, as I’ve got one to add to this:

1. My credit card company totally judges me

Over the weekend, I got a call about suspicious activity and my card had a hold put on it. This has happened once before and I was concerned. So I gave them a call to get the skinny on the situation. Turns out this was the suspicious activity.

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Heh. Oops.

But seriously Visa. Don’t judge. I only own two other Taylor Swift songs. And I was trying to find the following for purchase.

YouTube Preview Image

That should buy me back some street cred. And honestly, it’s not my fault that a) iTunes has lots of Taylor Swift, but not much Rheostatics; and b) that song is so damn catchy that I need to own it.

2. This video reminded me of my one great failing.

Well, my second or third great failing. I can’t put on eyeliner and I’ve never been able to make a decent gravy. But I’ve also never learned to skateboard and these bitches seemed to do it in a day.

I’m sure they’re lovely ladies. I just hate them because they wear skinny pants better than me and because they learned to skateboard. Someone needs to have a one day “Teach L-A to Skateboard” session. (I discovered this through The Cools. Which appears to be far cooler than I am. And I think I’m pretty cool). 3. These guys. Favourite Friday: December 7th Edition I own boots! They’re Aerosoles and they are pretty awesome! And magical* because they fit over my fat athletic calves. I got them at Comfort Zone, which despite the name, may be one of my favourite shoe stores in town. The only trouble I’m facing now is that I only have one pair of skinnyish jeans to wear inside of my boots. So here’s a question for y’all – how do the Old Navy skinny jeans fit? Can they fit a curvier girl? Or do you recommend another brand (that one could get on the relatively cheap)? *the magic is all in the second zipper. 4. Two words: Nautical. Ponies.  Clearly I need to own this Favourite Friday: December 7th Edition I just need the pre-Christmas shopping moratorium to end (I’m not supposed to buy stuff for myself until after presents are given to me). 5. This is possibly the most amazing thing you will see all month. YouTube Preview Image One word: Christmasamazeballs.

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