Favourite Friday – December… January 8th Edition

AllyG: Oh my eff I am tired. I feel so, so old this week. I’ve been getting approximately four hours of sleep a night, and I can’t even blame it on BabyG. It’s my annual bout of insomnia that I get every year. The only thing that is keeping me going these days is hearing Telephone on the radio. You heard it?

I know, sad. I can’t find the video. The music will have to be enough. Promise to post as soon as the video is out. Or is it out and I just can’t find it. Could it be I have failed on YouTube? But I never fail on YouTube! L-a, am I just overtired?!!??

Of course I need to give you an actual video. This one isn’t crappy! The only crappy thing about it is the purple spandex body suit Alicia is wearing. What the fuck? It even has the dreaded one shoulder. She should have stayed in the leather jacket she wore in the first minute of the vid. Love that. Anyways, this song is incredible. Do you agree?

Alicia can rock out the shades, non?

In other good news this week, Elle Canada sent me a complimentary issue AND I got my Vogue canvas bag in the mail (Vogue subscription was a Christmas prezzie courtesy of Mom and Pop).

Lastly, I was watching He’s Just Not That Into You the other night and concluded I would “maim” (as L-a puts it) for Jennifer Aniston’s wishbone necklace. Turns out I don’t have to! Steal the Style dot com tells me that I can purchase it online for approx. $45. El Jeffe? Are you reading?


L-A: So tired, she forgot it is a new month.

While not the worst of your videos, that one was bad. I don’t think Alicia Keys can actually walk in those heels. She looks like she’s having trouble tottering down the street. Let that be a lesson to all you wanting to wear a pair of bitchin’ boots with a seven inch heel: it is not sexy if you can’t walk properly.

Moving on.

Speaking of Jen Aniston – Did you see Lainey’s Brad and Jen retrospective? I know Ally did. We were talking about it on the twitter. Can you believe we’ve had to put up with Brangelina for five years? God. Not nearly as pretty. Also, serious golf claps go to Lainey for the use of the ending of The Way We Were.

Can we have an FPQT sleepover where we watch that movie, drink a bottle of wine each, eat chocolate and cry? Mostly so I don’t feel like such a sad sack for doing so alone.

And since I’m talking about The Way We Were (I think I talk about this movie every couple of months), can we talk about Katie/Barbra’s coat?

I kind of like it. I’d probably look frumpy/washed out in such a coat, but I like it. Also, I wish that I was tough enough to wear a nice coat and skirt out in the cold weather. But I’m not. at all. I’m all pants and puffy coat and LL Bean boots. I suck at winter. Which is why I bought a plane ticket today for my Annual Escape to Palm Springs…speaking of which, why am I not in Palm Springs right now, stalking celebrities? I’m reading Cat and Girl and a New Yorker article about elevators, while my family is “hanging out with” Helen Mirren. And by “hanging out”, I mean spending time in the general vicinity of, possibly in the same building.

p.s. There are still lots of sales on…did anyone buy anything awesome in the boxing day sale madness? I didn’t. [insert sad face]. Although, I’m still looking for a sweater to keep me from freezing to death at work.

pp.s. Love, Me opens back up tomorrow and I’ll be marking some things down. Hooray sales!

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