Favourite Friday: February 11 Edition

Ally: Hello fellow hotties. How was your week? Shit? Yes, mine too!

Let’s get right to the favourites of the week.

This one comes from one of our favourite designers Veronica MacIsaac’s Facebook Page. I dedicate it to my love, L-A. I don’t have the patience or time to embed it. Just click the link. Trust me. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll never hear me promoting Jeggings again.

Speaking of ill-fitting pants. Oops, I did it again. Yes, during a recent power outage I had to haul ass to the Second Cup at Bedford Place Mall to get work done (the glam life of a consultant. Don’t be jeals). During a break from my work, I thought I smelled the divine scent of cheap clothes that aren’t age appropriate. Naturally, like an addict to my crack I ran down the hallway to Garage to purchase my second pair of super skinny jeans. That’s actually the name. Super skinny jeans. I’m far, far too old for this shizz. Didn’t stop me from purchasing two t-shirts and one long tank top in bright green. These would be the jeans…


Another favourite, although it is of the ironic variety, is Lindsay Lohan’s “Day in Court Take 27″ outfit.


She chose the white to portray “innocence”. Pass the vodka!

People Magazine has an article questioning whether this was an appropriate choice. Really? Appropriate and choice are two words that cannot be linked togehter with Lindsay Lohan. Therefore, it was a spectacular choice.

Last, our darling Lady Gaga is on the cover of the March Vogue. I can’t wait.


Why the wig? I don’t know. I don’t care. The interview will be delicious.

Also, we love us some Lisa Drader-Murphy and her amazing Turbine designs. You must take advantage of the Annual 2-Day Sale:

Here’s your Crappy Pop Video of the Week (any my last Fave)

L-A: Hiii! It was an insane week for me! School has been laying it on thick lately. I love it, but three major group projects in one week, plus extra curriculars, like two episodes of Glee for You Know You Love Fashion, make for one frigging long week. However, there is a bottle of daiquiri mix from Morris East with my name on it and vodka in my freezer that I had forgotten about. My broke ass drinking just got classy!

So let’s talk favourites.

First up: Oscar Party!! Yesss! We are finally having one. And there will be cupcakes and wine. It is, however, BYOT (bring your own tiara). Hopefully, we’ll win Lauren’s Oscar pool again this year (it’s how we pay for birthday parties). And do bone up on your trivia – Lauren is thinking up some movie trivia for you and we’re thinking about Oscar fashion trivia.

Second up: I may or may not have been experimenting with the idea of buttons.


why is this picture sideways?? I don’t understand!


Third up: Mel’s post on what is/isn’t suitable for work is possibly one of my favourite things in awhile. And not just because she covered my ass on Wednesday. No, I enjoyed it because it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately as I prep for workterm interviews and generally existing in the real world.  I also loved it because you guys had such great comments on her post. So much smart, fashionable lady talk!  I love it! It was one of those posts that reminded me about why I love y’all so much.  (and it got the hamster in my brain turning the wheel with some new ideas for future posts…I’ll let you know what I come up with, as it might need your help)

Hopefully, I’ll get it right when I hit up my interviews in the next few weeks. Because I want to look the right kind of awesome. The kind that makes them want to want me.

Which is an excellent segue into a musical moment with Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. Let’s hear it for my karaoke jam and my style in 1999 (what up, platform flip flops?).

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