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Favourite Friday: February 28 Edition



For real, this past month sucked a bag of unmentionables.

If you need me I will be wearing headbands.


My hair is growing out and hopefully fast enough that I can return to the land of moms-with-ponytails-in-the-suburbs by July.

I’m done reliving my youth or pretending that I am anywhere close to resembling Robin Wright’s short hair cool.

See also side braids…


T.I. and Kristen Bell: I can’t believe L-A is missing this.

Are you watching House of Lies? Please tell me you are watching House of Lies.



I have a crush on T.I., my husband wants to run away with Kristen Bell, so it’s fun for the whole family.

Click here to view the embedded video.

I also love The Family Hustle.

Paper Dresses? Why didn’t I think of this before.

Have you read about the adorable four year old girl who makes paper dresses with her mom? That is some pinterest crafting that I can get down with.


The Most Beautiful Cover that Brings All the Feelings of the Week.

Admittedly I’ve been having a lot of the feelings over a lot of things these days and songs like this are hitting me harder than usual. You know that “Say Something” song? I have to pull over and cry whenever it is on the radio. Shit is getting real up in here.

This cover is beautiful. Maybe not in a “WOOT TGIF” way, but still…enjoy.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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