Favourite Friday: February 3 Edition


I love you long time, Jennifer Carpenter:

She of my favourite television show. The character that has the baddest bad ass wardrobe of them all. After Michael C Hall sort of (ALLEGEDLY) pulled what can only be referred to as a d-bag maneuver during their marriage, I was very pleased to see her looking smoking hot at this year’s SAGS.

Favourite Friday: February 3 Edition

It’s not even about the dress. It’s the overall, “What? You forgot something, Dexter?” attitude I’m digging.


Want to get to know Jennifer’s “Debra”?Here’s what you need to know:


Golf Claps for Taylor Momsen:

I don’t really have much to say about Taylor Momsen besides that I’m glad she’s still keeping on keeping on with this whole “Immabe a REAL woman” thing.

Favourite Friday: February 3 Edition

This look is so unique. Path not taken such and such.


Feminism thanks you, Taylor. If any of you readers have a teenage daughter, they would be wise to follow Taylor’s words of advice.


Be yourself and if people don’t like you, then they can suck a dick.

Charmed, I’m sure!


Maxi Dress:

As I age gracefully like Gwyneth Paltrow, my aim this spring will be to wear more age appropriate outfits. As in, I am going to slowly withdraw from the little mini-dress action. Slowly. This particular Cynthia Vincent dress has inspired my matronly appetite. Do you dig it?

Favourite Friday: February 3 Edition

It’s long, flowy, but doesn’t come with a Taylor Swift soundtrack. It’s good, right?


Rockabilly for Prada

Raise your hand if you desperately wanted to be Sandy as she pranced about the theme park in her leather outfit trying to seduce Danny!  [Cut to visual of Ally emphatically raising the roof in her home office].

It should surprise no one that this is my go-to karaoke song, as with any other 33 year olds who now find themselves residing in the suburbs and saying things like, “Let’s take a trip into the city!”.

Moving on.

The most beautiful thing I saw all week were these photos from Prada’s 50s inspired Spring 2012 campaign:

Favourite Friday: February 3 Edition

Who cares if I never get out anymore, I would wear them whilst washing dishes.


Debutante Clothing dot com (a fantastic blog by-the-by) also directed me towards one of the best executed fashion video ad campaigns I’ve seen in a long while. As one of my group partners in my media relations class during university said when introducing our presentation (much to the rest of the group members’ mortification), “PREPARE TO BE BLOWN AWAY” (seriously, our resulting project was fairly shitty, this was when I learned about managing expectations. Has served me well.)

Crappy Rather Good Pop Video of the Week

Let’s promote some local talent this week in the form of Classified with the help of the adorable Joe Budden. Cause,  yes, I’m still on the hip hop train.

 L-A: You have no idea how happy I am it’s Friday. And not in some lame TGIF-It’s-Friday-Friday-Gotta-Get-Down-On-Friday kind of way. No, in a “holy crap! I survived” kind of way. My own damn fault for planning a ton of things to do all week (yoga, drinks, et cetera after work) on a busy work week and then stayed up until 3am writing about Pretty Little Liars for YKYLF. My own stupid fault. But now I’m so exhausted that I actually passed up on the chance to eat cheesecake with Ben and Jill and other awesome people. If that doesn’t tell you how tired I am, then you clearly do not understand me and my love of dessert.

Anyway, hates and favourites.


Transit Strike. It’s been one day and so far I’ve been given rides by a nice stranger and a co-worker. Yet I still don’t like the fact that I’m beholden to others and my own two feet. I need this to be settled already.


1. Rose Byrne’s bedazzled jumpsuit.

Favourite Friday: February 3 Edition

No, Ally did not hijack this half of the post. I actually don’t hate what she wore to the SAG awards. Of course, it helps that she totally has my haircut. And that she’s clearly some Australian freak of nature, on par with a platypus, because there’s no way a normal human could wear that and still look so good. (you see, I still hate jumpsuits. Just not this one. On Rose Byrne).

2. Busy Phillips in boho frump at SAG

Favourite Friday: February 3 Edition


I love it not because I actually like the dress, but because it brings me serious amusement that she’d show up wearing this. Especially as Michelle Williams’ best girlfriend date for the evening.

Favourite Friday: February 3 Edition

I think I might be the Busy to Ally’s Michelle. Except, definitely not in that boho nonsense.


Busy’s got serious chutzpah though, wearing that number. I like that about her.

3. Hoarders

Favourite Friday: February 3 Edition


You guys, I’m serious. I fucking love Hoarders. I love how the ad there shows piles of newspapers and magazines, but when you watch, it’s piles chicken bones, plastic containers and cat poop. And sometimes a mummified cat! Or a person! (yes! I just watched one where the dude was hoarding a homeless man in his yard). I know I shouldn’t get such pleasure from a show that is clearly about people with serious problems, but I do. It also makes me a) want to clean; b) feel better about how my apartment isn’t nearly as clean as I’d like it to be. Whenever I worry that I’m becoming a hoarder, I just need to watch an episode of this and I instantly feel better and know that I’m not.

Okay, so there are my favourites. And I fully intend to spend my weekend chilling the eff out and watching Hoarders in HD. It’s gross and amazing all at once. And before I sign off, since Ally mentioned the TayMom – I heard a rumour that for $41.50 you can buy a meet and greet with her in Saskatoon. And then go see the show. Saskatoon friends – I expect y’all to report back on this after you go meet and greet Jenny Humphrey.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/FashionablePeople/~3/mtOQWPZQW68/

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