Favourite Friday – July 24 Edition

AllyG: Hello sassy pants! Happy Friday. Looks like another weekend of sexy rain! I’ll admit that Kate Moss works a pair of rain boots. That’s all I will say about “Rain Style” we all know how I feel about feeding bad weather’s fashion ego.

Kate Moss Rain

Whatevs. We can have all of the sexy rain this weekend. I’m just hoping next weekend will be nice enough for me to put on my maternity swim suit for our trip down to the cottage. I can waddle around the community pool there because no one cares what I look like. That’s the love of family for you. I still shake my head at people who encourage me to wear a two-piece while pregnant. Although, if I looked like my girl Nicole while pregnant, I would probably wear a bikini to client meetings.



So, my favourites this week besides a pregnant Nicole Richie…let’s start with metallic eye shadow shall we?

Elle’s News Blog has a great post about the new trend hitting the runways (I cannot believe I just wrote that), and I’m sort of half on board. I’m not sure if this is a day look per se, but I think that I could definitly have fun with this for an evening out. Elle highlights a UK brand called Illamasqua, I don’t think we can get this yet in Canada, as it is just making its American debut on July 31. I’ll check up on this and let you know.

One brand we can for sure get here is Rimmel London, another UK line (obviously). Kate Moss is the face of Rimmel, and she’s a perfect choice. It’s got that downtown vibe, and is still wearable for those OVER THIRTY.

I like the Rimmel duo shades in silvery blue.


MAC also has a great selection of metallic eye shadows. Love this bronze shadow!


You know what I am loving besides Metallic eyes? Big Brother 11. Man, that’s some good crap television. My favourite this season is Jordan. Jordan doesn’t know how many quarters are in an hour.

L-A: So I’m wondering how it got to be Friday already.

I’m right there with you on the metallic eyes. When I used to have enough money to throw down cash for cocktails in a real bar, I loved to put on the metallic gold eyeshadow.  Hells, I like it just to go to a friend’s house party to throw back a bottle of wine. And I’m also right there with you on the rainy day fashion: because seriously? I have had enough of this rain b.s.  My entire apartment feels damp and after two days of hanging out on the drying rack, the stupid bathmat is still not fully dry because of the rain and the humid (thanks a lot cat for puking on one of the only two rugs in the entire joint). I am not with you on the Big Brother. At all. Watching that show makes my brain hurt. It’s like they’re talking another language. It sounds like they’re talking English, but nothing that comes out of the mouths of these contestants seems to make any sense. It’s like they’re throwing out random words and hoping to come up with a sentence a la Foux de Fa Fa, only not as funny:

(that one was for you Rawlines!) Maybe the French hate that song the way I hate watching Big Brother.  je ne sais pas.

So, moving on, because this is Favourite Friday and not L-A Hates on Friday.  This post has taken me forever to write and not because I was doing my Serious Research (as Ally likes to call it. Or as I like to call it, “googling“), but because I was ogling my Friday Favourite: Mark Ronson.

markronsongq2 ronson11

Sweet Jesus in a Breadbasket he is HOTT. Those are shots of him from GQ, but the dude actually dresses that well in real life.

markronson0222 gallery-msg-122704011986

No Mark, I can’t get over how good you look in plaid either. Sometimes I don’t love the hair, but because you are like some living breathing Chuck Bass-esque sex god with great style (grew up in London and on NYC’s Upper East Side, attended les fancy schmancy NYC schools, is total man about town, always with a hot it-girl girlfriend), I will forgive you. I will also ask that more men start taking fashion tips based on your style. You hear that dudes of Halifax? Do us ladies a favour and start dressing like Mark Ronson. Stat!

mark-ronson-single- Mark+Ronson+Friends+Bungalow+8+Nightclub+P7mB3EmivMdl

And if the last name Ronson rings a bell, but your celebrity gossip is limited to catching headlines in the grocery store (as opposed to actually picking up the magazines and reading them while your husband puts the groceries on the counter and pays for them), I’ll give you a quick refresher. He is the older brother of twins Charlotte and Samantha Ronson:


This photo from Harpers Bazaar just kills me. But it’s a bit apropos seeing as the Ronsons are celebrity wunderkind of sorts. Samantha (in the middle), who I like to think of as the Angry Ronson


is the on-again-off-again-but mostly off-again celebrity DJ girlfriend of LiLo. Here they are in happier times, before the restaining orders:


Sigh. Good times. So happy together.  Next up, Charlotte, who is a celeb designer du jour:


That’s Charlotte with her mom and younger sis Annabelle. I’ll save mommy Ronson and Annabelle Dexter-jones for a post for another day (although, ladies need to ease up on the cocktails in that photo, maybe grab a little shut eye, n’est pas?). I don’t love everything by Charlotte Ronson, but I can see why her designs are popular. I mean, check out this striped dress and these wedges. Why were we not discussing those at our Tall Ships show?


Cute right?  Her Fall 09 look is also cute, albeit a little bit heavy on the Angela Chase:


But if it gets a girl her very own Jordan Catalano, who am I to argue? (hi! totally showing my age! Also: I totally owned a dress like this the first time around and wore it with tights and Docs).

But I digress. The Other Ronsons are all very special in their own right, but I do not have love for them the way I do for Mark Ronson.

05_Flatbed_1 - FEBRUARY

Sigh.  I could honestly look at him all night. I mean, just check him out in this video with Amy Winehouse:

If I were ever to be so lucky as to be at a party where he was spinning, I swear I’d just sit there at stare at his dreamy self. I could probably die happy. Helps that I totally enjoy his music. Go listen/watch His Dreaminess get down with his bad selves in this video for his funkified cover of Radiohead’s Just. Even if you are not already in love with him, you will thank me for that video (sadly, can’t find one that will allow me to embed it here).

So I have one or two non-/semi-Mark Ronson related favourites for this Friday.

First off, and totally unrelated to His Dreaminess, Holt Renfrew’s awesome fashion blogger window displays. Do yourself a favour and check it out.  Totally makes me wish I were in T.O. to check the windows out in person, maybe do a little shopping at Holt’s (like I can afford it, but whatevs, I am DREAMING here). Also makes me wish we were of the blogging calibre that would make Holt’s dedicate a couple of inches of their window to us. Perhaps someday. I’m not sure how that would incorporate Ally’s country music videos and my Chuck Bass craziness, but I’ll leave that up to the window decorating geniuses at Holt’s to figure out.

Next up, new favourite blog: White Lightening. Stumbled across it while googling, of all things, Mark Ronson’s ex-it-girlfriend Tennessee Jane Bunny Thomas of The Like (because I actually didn’t know who she was and needed to figure out what sort of girl a Tennessee Thomas is). It was pretty much blog love at first sight, but what really sealed the deal was that she loves Gossip Girl and, more importantly, she appears to love Chuck Bass as much as I do (you didn’t think that was possible, did you?).


She also loves The Mark Ronson as much, if not more. Factor in some of her music choices (Liz Phair’s ‘Fuck & Run’? Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Hypnotize’?) and love of the 90s, and I started to worry that she might be one of my dopplegangers. But then I figured out she is actually way cooler than me and so definitely not my doppleganger. Anyway, I’m going to leave you with one last photo of The Mark Ronson with his latest it-girlfriend (it doesn’t matter what her name is as We Do Not Care About Her. We Care About Mark. And by We, I mean Me):


Happy Friday Pretties. We love you lots!

xoxo, L-A.

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