Favourite Friday: July 8 Edition – Shopping under the influence of insomnia

Ally: Bitches, I can’t sleep. Can. Not. Sleep. Every night I am waking up at some point between 2am – 3am. I am then up for the duration of the night until Baby gets up at 6am. Thankfully, my husband has been on “vacation” for the last week and has let me crash in the mornings when have finally run out of things to stress over. What to do. What to do.

Well, today, L-A distracted me from the pain of sleeplessness by joining me in a shopping trip in downtown Halifax. We’ll have more details to follow. Hopefully next week? Hopefully there will be video? Hopefully you will find it adorable and charming?

So, after our Wednesday floral Dior post, we had some friends encourage us to seriously put some thought around this garden party idea. Would you be in? I think we need to have it just for the hats and mojitos alone. Give us your input on how you would like this to shape up. We also have no forgotten about the Glee challenge, it’s just been put on the back burner until I return from vacation. If you bitches even think about hitting up karaoke while I am away I swears I will post country music videos all over L-A’s well-written, relevent posts until Christmas day. Even then, I may drop one of Faith Hill’s Christmas Diddys.

Oh, yes. I did. I did just do that.

I will also do this:

Reader John has been hurting my feelings lately, criticizing my musical tastings. I admit it. This song is on my iPod. But saucyface, I run my ass off to the chorus. Best sprints ever. So, today, I subject you to Enrique and possibly the most painful hairstyle I have ever seen. That is a hairstyle for the ladies, am I wrong? Whatever. The Crappy Pop Video of the Week is dedicated to John.

Now that I have gone three paragraphs without a mention of anything fashionable, I will leave it to my talented and beautiful co-blogger to clean up my mess. Again. I’m off in search of Nyquil or a horse tranq to get some zzzzzzzs.

Baby I like it….I-I-I-I-I like it.

L-A: Friends, I am not even sure how to rescue today’s post. I feel like the only answer is napalm. And giving Ally a heavy sedative. Her vacation is coming at a very good time. I think she needs it. And after Enrique (sorry John!) and country (!) Christmas (!!) videos, I think y’all probably need the vacation as well.  It’s going to be a good holiday. Ally will drink G&T like it’s going out of style and I’m lining up some guest bloggers for you.

Okay, this is a blog about fashion, so you need something fashionable or you’re going to defect from our site. So I present you with my favourite things of the week:

Person (who writes a blog I have just discovered)

Model Cailin Hill’s thoughts on Justin Bieber‘s hair. She thinks the hair is pretty dumb, so that’s at least two points in her favour. Another five points because I like the rest of her blog and then some bonus points for being Canadian (which I discovered thanks to research/google…sometimes it feels creepy to learn so much about people just by googling their name). And she has legs that no amount of booty camp punishment will ever get me. I can’t decide to award (for awesome) or deduct (because I’m jealous) points for the legs.

Place (kind of…it is a class I go to)

And yes, I did say booty camp. Sort of an embarrassing name, but it’s what I’m doing with my Monday and Wednesday evenings. I’m not calling it a favourite just yet…but only because it is hurting me like you wouldn’t believe. I had no idea I had so many muscles that could hurt. All at once.

Thing (a DVD)

A review of the first 1/2 hour of Valentino: The Last Emperor. That’s right! A review of 1/3 of a movie that is over a year old. It is almost timely because after watching one third of the documentary, I found him front and centre on Style.com.  A bit of a stretch, but that’s okay.

First things first: he is not a mobster (answer to my husband’s question when he saw the DVD case. He needs to be reading my magazine subscriptions more often). Now on to the review: Valentino has a herd of pugs!

I love pugs. I will never own one, but I do adore them. So of course, anyone who owns one or two or a herd of such ridiculous little dogs is okay in my books. I also like watching the relationship he has with his partner. My favourite moment between them is when he teases his partner by saying, “look at you with your three layers!” (jacket + shirt + turtleneck).  Oh, fashionable taunts from fashionable men…you amuse me.

I totally dig the font that he was using in the 60s:

Oui, je suis un geek.

And everything is by hand!

This isn’t exactly a surprise. I knew this about Haute Couture already. But it was amazing to watch these women work. So much little fiddly details on long flowing gowns and all done by hand. The word painstaking comes to mind. Especially when I was watching this scene:

Fantastic dress, right? Well, at this point in the movie, Valentino declares that each wavy strip is to be covered in thousands of sequins. By hand. For the next day. He does debate it for a bit, and if I were a seamstress in the room, I’d be praying he liked the dress as is, only to to have those prayers crushed when Mr. Valentino declares: Girls, but some sequins can’t hurt. Also, I’d be seriously stressed out by the Head Seamstress (the woman kneeling). Bitch was intense. I guess you have to be when you’re in charge of sewing complicated and incredibly expensive gowns.

Verdict so far: 1/3 of the movie is enjoyable.

And so you will forgive us for Ally’s craptastic music videos this week, I give you some music that I think doesn’t suck by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (both songs I have been enjoying since I heard them on Gossip Girl – which has good music even when it sucks):

p.s. dress like Glee? yes. closer to the start of season two. because that makes sense and no one will be on vacation. Season two starts on September 7.

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