Favourite Friday: June 10 Edition – We’ve loved you 500 times

Ally: So a funny thing happened this week. We posted our 500th post. Even funnier was that our 500th post was written by Guest Blogger Mel cause we were too lazy to write it ourselves. YAY!

L-A and I began talking about our 500th post a while back. While she blabbed on about writing something EPIC. I nodded my head and dreamt of something like this:

You know, Oprah calling us up while creepily petting her dog. Except it would be our local version of Oprah, Ben, calling us up while creepily petting his dog.

That didn’t happen, and I won’t lie, I’m sort of fucking pissed off.

Moving right along, it’s weird to think that we came up with 500 different things to talk about over the past two years. How many times can you talk about how you love Sienna Miller? A lot!

I think my favourite blog moment thus far has to be the Dress Like Carrie challenge.

Remember that? Man, I had so much time on my hands during mat leave. What parenting? Kidding!

My favourite for this week is all things BB Dakota. A while back I got the most perfectest black blazer at Biscuit (I shop there a lot).


I’d actually never heard of BB Dakota before purchasing this blazer, but it fit so well, the fabric was so soft and you could roll up the cuffs! I struck gold on Beyond the Rack this afternoon with two t-shirts from this shop. So excited. Here’s an example of the BB Dakota look:


Crappy pop video of the week? This should do the trick.

I think even L-A would like this one as Ne-Yo has hipster glasses! You know how she loves those hipsters!

L-A: Seriously? He is NOT a hipster. Trust me on this. I was at  a thing this week to see Jonathan Goldstein talk and it was lousy with hipsters. You have no idea. And Gosling? Downright classy compared to them.

Anyway, Favourite things this week. First off, it was finding out the Marimekko and Converse teamed up to make cute sneakers:

They showed up in an email from Nylon yesterday and have really got me thinking about a new pair of Chucks. I was sort of thinking I wanted a pair and now I might really really want a pair for fall. I mean, if I keep working in a creative joint like I’m in now, I could totally get away with cool sneakers at work.

Next favourite came despite the rolling postal strike across Canada and filled my mailbox with cosmeticy goodness. Check it out:

Oh hey! What’s in the adorable box? And why is the photo slightly off kilter? Well, answer to your first question: I ordered me a three month subscription to Luxe Box by Loose Button. I saw that a friend was trying it out and I’ll be damned if I don’t love samples of cosmetics. So, I decided to buy in and report back to you on whether it’s worth it.  For $10, I say yes:

I got full sized eye shadow in a colour I’ll totally wear, some exfoliant (yay! I was out!) and some kind of oil for my hair that I’ll try on the weekend in case it doesn’t work out (My hair turned oily or something one day last year and hasn’t recovered. It doesn’t react well to product and it pisses me off).

So hurrah for Loose Button!

(answer to the second question: I am a lazy photographer. One who couldn’t even bother to open photoshop to straighten out the photo).

Final favourite of the week?

I got me some Coachella tickets!

Next April I will not only be hanging out poolside, but I’ll also be blogging to you about Coachella fashions from Coachella. Awesome, non?

Also, hurrah for 500 posts! But since we didn’t notice that it happened on Wednesday, we declare that 501 is the new 500.

And here’s your awesome pop song of the week:

0 0

(I still have a crush on the drummer).

Here’s to 500 more. And to a video of Ben with his dog and box of wine when that day comes. (Are we the Ellen to Ben’s Oprah?). Until then, we make plans for birthday parties and we drink to 500. We also drink to all y’all for reading 500 posts. You’re totally the wind beneath our wings. I mean that. We write because you read. So seriously, please keep reading, because we love you and we’ll throw a party for all of us soon.

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Michelle is totally our homegirl. If it weren't for her and a trip to France, we wouldn't have 500 anything.

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