Favourite Friday: June 3 Edition – coloured jeans, sales and pretend best friends

Ally: Would it be unfair of me, even cruel, to say that one of my favourite things this week was the leak of (ALLEGEDLY) Blake Lively’s nude photos (ALLEGEDLY). Personally, I can’t really imagine the horror of having millions of people see photos of a naked me, but then again I couldn’t imagine texting naked photos of myself. No matter how much boxed wine I may have (ALLEGEDLY) had.

Still, after having Blake twist the knife into my broken heart with her photos of  Leo-hand-holding, I might have been a bit smug over her poorly posed photos. Also her duckface pout. Really?

Mean, though, so I’ll move on and wish her and her publicist the best. I meant what I said on twitter, Blake’s publicist’s face is chin deep in a box of wine tonight.

A real favourite this week is the fact that I cleaned out my winter clothes from my closet and replaced with my summer garb. Perhaps a tad optimistic, but after two days of sort-of sun, I made the move.

Also, L-A and I chatted over email (as we are known to do) about J Brand’s new coloured skinny jeans. I’m sort of into them. Particularly the pink pair that Cameron Diaz has been seen wearing a few times:


L-A was particularly offended by the pair Kim Kardashian was wearing in a photo displayed on Foreign Affairs Facebook Page:

At over $200 bucks a pair, I sort of see her point. Still though, I’d be tempted to drop that cash money for the pink pair Cam is sporting.

On to Crappy Pop Video of the week. My taste has hit an all time low. I for real have been playing this song on repeat all week.

Don’t lie, the “Oooooh oooooh ooooh” is now going to be stuck in your head all day. In a good way.

L-A: I’m still iffy on the royal blue jeans. I figure if I’m going to spend serious coin on my jeans, I want to know I’m not going to be over the style by the end of summer. I like Foreign Affair and their jeans. I’ve bought some there. But royal blue is what I buy at places like Old Navy or Joe Fresh. But that’s just me and my budget. I would, however, buy the royal blue jeans at full price before I watch that entire video.

Sorry Jordan. The love isn't there anymore.


Moving on from jeans and Jordan, I have a confession to make: I bought leggings.

I know.

We never thought this day would come.

However, don’t expect to see them anytime soon. I haven’t figured out what to wear them with yet. Hopefully by the end of summer I can report that they have been paired with something. Because I sure as hell am not going to wear them as pants.

Maybe I’ll get lucky at the Dress for Success sale?

Cross your fingers for me.

And two final favourites of the week:

I’m in love with Hello Giggles, a new project by Zooey Deschanel and friends.

It’s a website that’s meant to be entertainment for smart, independent and creative ladies. Hello! That is us! As I mentioned to Jill today, I think I’m going to try and contribute something we wrote (I don’t know what yet). My plan is that Zooey Deschanel will read it and be all, “those FPQT girls are smart, creative and funny. I NEED to be BFF with them.” And of course we’ll want to be BFF with her. And then we’ll hang out and shop for cute dresses and drink lemondrops and whatnot. It’ll be awesome. We’ll watch Dirty Dancing and eat ice cream together.

I know. That’s fictional and probably won’t make it through a full season, but I’ll enjoy the show and I’m pretty sure our real life BFFness will be just as fun. We’ll send you a postcard (or, maybe invite you along?).

Final favourite: Kate Winslet.

We’ve been harshing on her former Pretend Boyfriend Leo lately, but she remains one of our Pretend Best Friends. Just watch and wait for the quote:

We love you Kate. So much.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend. I’m going to enjoy because I’ll be all giddy about the Coachella tickets that I’m buying today (yessss! I will report from Coachella next year!)

p.s. Listen to Ally be awesome on Mainstreet this afternoon. She’s going to talk about what not to wear in summer (that’s why we were asking about it on Twitter).

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