Favourite Friday: June 4th Edition. Bad Intern. No Bedouin Soundclash for you.

Intern Eden: Look, I love parties. I love free food. I love clothes, and I at least kind of like H&M.

So I was stoked to go to this last night:

But the weather yesterday looked like this:

And I had just had a lovely but hectic dinner-and-sangria with my favourite new Torontonian while chasing my 2-year old around a bar (classy, no?) and so I was tipsy, tired, and soaking wet by the time I met up with Andrea and my husband at our designated toddler drop-off point.

Also, on the way to meet them, I walked past the party. It was a half hour before it was supposed to start, and the lineup was TWO BOCKS LONG. And it was, to put it mildly, Not My Crowd. By which I mean it was 20-somethings in their club gear. There was no way I was stopping to take a picture, but it was this with umbrellas:


Basically I don’t love parties THAT much. If it had been nice out, maybe we would have braved the lineup, but seriously we would have looked like this by the time we got in

and what would have been the point of that?

So instead the four of us hopped on the nice dry subway and went back to my place.

My soaked-to-the-skin but obliging husband snapped this shot of us on the porch when we arrived:

Once the kid was asleep, we drank mint juleps and took pictures, which is actually kind of my idea of a perfect evening. I went with the green dress, by the way. And Andrea looked STUNNING in her hot pink pencil skirt.

So all’s well that ends fashionably, right?

Ally: Full disclosure: I am ridiculously overtired. With that said, I haven’t stopped laughing at this post. I think it is THAT funny. I am not at all upset that Eden did not go to the party. I adore that she found a good excuse to take photos of herself to place on The Internets. She looks gorgeous and that’s good enough for a Fave Friday post for me.

I did not have a Favourite Thursday. That is for sure. Baby and I went to Future Shop to try and find a present for my Uncle’s birthday bash. I had this great idea of getting him a Ray LaMontagne CD for the long car rides to his cottage. Problem is, while I was searching for it, Baby had a massive blow-out. I mean massive. As in I had baby crap on my sweatshirt. Twenty minutes on the change table later, I emerged from the washroom and frantically tried to find the CD before having to pick up The Husband. No dice. I ended up picking up REM, Automatic for the People and racing to the check out with my Baby in his thin summer pajamas (IT WAS HIS DIAPER BAG BACKUP OUTFIT, WHAT?). When El Jeffe got in the car he said two things:

1. What the fuck is that smell?

2. You got your Uncle REM? What happened to the golf balls I told you to buy? Your Uncle is not a emo teenager pining after Cindy the Cheerleader.

So, in sum, we will be returning to Future Shop tomorrow to return REM. Or maybe I will use it as a contest prize!

Video of the week. I bring you Ray Lamontagne. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I NEEDED YOU, RAY?

L-A: I liked Automatic for the People. It’s a way better gift than golf balls. I just had semi-nostalgic high school flash backs when you mentioned it (like an acid flashback, except it wasn’t nearly as trippy the first time round), so I had to go searching for Nightswimming, which led me to a video on the Spike TV website. Which I don’t understand at all. Spike has UFC and a video for Nightswimming. Try to figure that out is like trying to find meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.

My favourite thing this week is when I found out that H&M’s festival collection included sleeping bags and tents. I’m not kidding.

I understand the need to look boho at a summer music festival full of other boho-looking boys and girls, but I’m not sure a paisley sleeping bag and what might be an animal print tent are the way to impress your boho friends. I think you might be better off wearing a straw fedora, too much bangly jewellery, and a poncho over too long jean shorts (in other words: dress like Vanessa from Gossip Girl).  It really is all you need.  Although, I will admit to sort of liking the following jacket:

It would seem that this sort of jacket is growing on me and I almost like it. And it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying Balmain. It’s not exactly a favourite, but my real favourite things this week are a new can of hairspray and rhubarb crumble, neither of which fit into this post.

Video: Museum of Natural History Sneak Peak

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