Favourite Friday – March 4 Edition: Mixed bag with Marant and Miu Miu

AllyG: Favourite Friday! Or as I like to call it, the day I drink wine! (after the baby is in bed, relax). This Frida, I’m obsessed with all things Isabel Marant.


Particularly the above dress from the S2010 collection. I actually like everything from the S2010 collection. Except the boots. Oh, the boots.


I read that her ankle boots from last year were “all the rage” as the young folk say. I don’t know. To me the above slouchy boots scream, “hooker in hard times”. You feeling me? This aside. I seriously love the clothes.


Oh my heart. J’adore.

This is all I have for today. I’m mentally spent. Throwing it to the Crappy Pop Video of the Week. Love in the club, baby. Love in the club.

Please don’t take that song literally. We don’t know what infectious diseases are at The Palace, and we wouldn’t want to be held accountable.

L-A: My favouritest thing this week is not Usher or Young Jeezy (let’s face it, they’ll never be my favourite thing. and I think Ally. It is this pair of shoes that were pointed out to me on twitter:


Are you dying? Okay, probably not, but they are pretty awesome. Platform maryjanes with kittens on it! What more do you want? I don’t know, but I’m a little bit in love. Even if that heel would kill me if I tried to walk in those. Seriously, two steps and I’d be on my face. But that’s okay, they’re Miu Miu, so I’ll never be able to afford them, which means I can just dream about wearing them. And in my dreams, I am awesome and can totally walk in those shoes.

And for the Questionable Thing of the Week:

I’ll admit, I haven’t seen that Jersey Shore business yet, but I feel like someone who has been to some pretty darn good schools should know better than that Snooki character. Just saying. I have to ask though: why the need to be such a fame whore? Not just the socialites or the Snookis…but the bachelors, bachelorettes, etcetera. Or is this a question best left to philosophy majors?

On the topic of fame whoring….Oscars! On Sunday! I might be missing them for curling, but I promise that Ally will be in her prom dress with a box of wine and twittering about it (I’m a bad blogger, but a good wife who bought a certain curling-obsessed someone tickets for Christmas). Hopefully she won’t be mentioning Billy Bush.   I can only hope that a Canadian curling team will take their fashions up a notch and go Norwegian:


Don’t forget, we still want to see your prom dresses. I’m still trying to find a picture of mine, but I promise we’ll be sharing.

And finally, Gossip Girl is back next week and I’m hoping that it’s awesomer than the fall portion of these season (I so want it to be a Friday Favourite again). I’m hoping that there’s more Pretend Boyfriend Chuck Bass saying things like “That whore could be my mother” and “I’m Chuck Bass”. What? You know you love it when he says that. Why else do you think they write that line for every other episode?

Even if this season has been a little underwhelming, I still go back for the Chuck Bass. And to write for other blogs.

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