Favourite Friday – Maytember Oneteenth edition

L-A: Greetings from Vacationland (aka. Palm Springs)! I don’t actually know what the date is or even what time it is. I am going calendar and watch free for my vacation. My computer is still on Halifax time and I can’t be bothered to do the math to figure out what time it is in California.  When I’m here, I work on CoffeeTime, PoolTime, and ShoppingTime. Sometimes I throw in a little WineTime and IceCreamTime.  I’m a busy girl. But because Ally is swamped with work and taking care of BabyG, I’m going to help out with the Favourite Friday. And I’m going to start us off with the most embarrassing thing on the internet:

Sadfaces: it was Tom and Katie singing and dancing, but it’s been removed.  I was going to ask if they could just cozy up in some dark Scientology hole and stay there, but Scientology got to the video before I could share it with you.  Maybe El Jeffe can find us another version.  If you’ve seen it already, you can just nod and agree with me: full on embarrassment cringes. (her singing wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t all that bad either; it’s the hokey addition of Tom to the routine that really got me).  (embarrassing aside: I’ve only just figured out that TomKat is the names Tom and Katie pushed together into one of those annoying mushed up celebrity couple names. Every time I’d see TomKat, I’d be all, “I don’t get it”. Ally is going to be ashamed of me. It reminds me of the time when J.Lau said, “Oh! IHOP is the International House of Pancakes!”).

Let’s see, what else is a favourite of mine this week, other than being on vacation.

1. I’m stoked that it’s almost Wear a Gown to Work Day.  Auntie Fashion has lined up a stellar Celebrity Spokesperson. Now I just need to decide on what gown to wear. It’s hard to decide when you have a closet full of gowns.

2. A pair of bitchin’ Miu Miu wedges at the Prada outlet. Sadfaces that I can’t afford them, even at outlet prices (well, I guess I could have found a way, but it would have been the only thing purchased on the entire trip and I had already bought things).

My not favourite thing of the week is that I’m actually having trouble finding things I really want to buy. Usually I skip through the aisles of DSW and buy an armload of shoes. Not this visit. Have I become too picky? Have I become too cheap thrifty to want to spend my money?  Is it possible to just hit a season where you are not in love with anything in the stores? I know you can’t actually answer those questions, but maybe if you’re having similar shopping troubles we can start a club or something.

Ally: It has been a really busy week. My little buddy is teething (for what feels like the 20th month in a row), and I’ve been working hard on getting organized for my return-to-the-real-world after mat leave. With all of this going on, I have not been giving as much love to our site as I should. Forgive me?


Does Hot Bradley Cooper help?


How about Hot Bradley Cooper in a bath?!

We should be good now.  Let’s talk about the shoes I am currently swooning over:


I think Charlize Theron says it best:

J’adore Dior.

I’m sad to hear about L-A’s shopping challenges in Cali. I hope this means she has been having more luck finding me a pair of the perfect jean shorts. I sort of like the J Brand ones Kate Bosworth is wearing at Coachella.


Except I would like them to be a great deal longer. I’m a mother now (and over 30), I can’t be trolloping about. Unless I’m in the midst of a dress like Carrie challenge.

And my friends, it’s Friday. After the week I’ve had, I have only one thing left to say:

Be good, kittens. See you on Monday for some shoe porn.

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