Favourite Friday – November 13 Edition: dance offs and TV

AllyG: Um, hi. How come no one told me about Six Feet Under? I’ve just finished Season One and am now in the midst of watching Season two. First off, how freaky is it to watch Dexter play a funeral director (although, I can also understand how it would be freaky to see David the funeral director play Dexter the serial killer…I’m going backwards). I’m loving it! How adorable are Ruth’s clothes? For those that do not watch, Ruth dresses like a cute little muffin with socks and sandals!



Clearly this show is one of my faves for the week.

Also, I have been back in my pre-pregnancy jeans for a few weeks now (yes, I am totally bragging, but my neighbour/friend Melissa told me I could. So there). Sadly, the threat of the H1N1 virus has kept me at home, but me being me, I’ve still been fighting the good fight and getting dressed as if I have somewhere to go besides playgroup (which is awesome by the way and I would dress right nice for those ladies and babies any day of the week). While I do enjoy tossing aside the sweats, let’s face it, I still need to be comfy, which is why I am loving the boyfriend blazer (which is essentially what I am calling the blazers I have had in my closet for years…I just want to be trendy). Unsure of how to wear the blazer? Don’t fear! I found a great how to from youlookfab.com. My fave look is rolling the cuffs up:


The hip tilt is optional.

Annnnnnnnnd…because it is Friday, I clearly need to select a pop music video (don’t you love how I call it “pop music”? I’m ADORABLE).

One night, when I was hitting the sauce particularly hard (not ALONE, I was with OTHER PEOPLE. Like my friend in the mirror. She’s pretty), I actually admitted to enjoying this song. Now that it’s out there, I may as well admit it to you folks as well. This video has the best of everything:

1. Skipping rope in a 1980’s sports bra. Who DOESN’T like skipping rope?

2. Girl fight/dance off in the bar. Many nights I prayed up above that one day I would be lucky enough to engage in a dance off. Closest I came was yanking on a girl’s purse on the dance floor at The Palace. She got kicked out. I got another double vodka and cran. Suuuuuuuuucker.

3. Disco ball sunglasses paired with saucy-like-hair-shaking, this my friends, you can do at home. Toss and shake, toss and shake.

Ah, Brook Hogan, you’re as low klassy as it gets baby….She’s just trying to live, but your all up in her grill.

L-A, over to you, if I haven’t completely rendered you speechless.

L-A: Just when I think that you’ve gone and found the worst video/song ever, you bring me the low klassiest of them all –  Brooke Hogan. What was that? I’m not even sure she was actually singing in that video. I’m also pretty sure she stole her dance routine from Save the Last Dance. Just saying.

Although, just the mention of a dance off gives me the opportunity to share with you the Best Ever News Story: Dance Off Erupts Into Street Brawl.  I kid you not. A dance off in Wichita in 2005 got real ugly and made the news and whenever I hear the words dance off, I google “dance off Wichita” because I know it’ll make me giggle. How can it not? All I can think of is this:

Speaking of West Side Story, Vanity Fair did a photo shoot earlier this year that I kind of enjoy:


I even love that they got Jenny from the block in on it.

Moving on to fashion for a good cause (although, what better cause is there than a good old fashioned dance off): Jessi from MTV’s After Show is auctioning off her dresses, along with a couple of dresses from her pals Lauren, Whitney, Audrina and Lo.  There’s a H&M/Matthew Williamson number that Ally might maim for want to bid for:


Now that is a dress for playgroup.

But seriously. Great dresses, good cause. I don’t have the legs to wear any of the dresses, but someone out there must.

Oh, and I totally agree with Ally on the blazer. I was sporting one today at work to dress up some trouser jeans.

I’m also perplexed that Ally is just discovering Six Feet Under. It’s the same confusion I had when she said she had just discovered Deep and Delicious cakes. How can you be so in the know about celebrity gossip but not about TV shows or tasty cakes in the freezer section?!? I don’t understand!

Final favourite of the week? I’m getting a new power adapter for my computer tomorrow! Blogging is going to be so much easier with a computer that turns on and stays on (and isn’t so old that it rejects most of the internets)! Yay!

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