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Favourite Friday: November 30th Edition

Favourite Friday: November 30th Edition

Ally: I really enjoy Fridays. I bet Lindsay Lohan used to enjoy Fridays as well. A chance to unwind, have a few pops, pop a few people in the face etc…

Best GIF Story Telling Ever

The Lindsay Lohan bar brawl as told in GIFs. I made a joke about Lindsay Lohan a few months back on Twitter (I think I said something to the effect of, “My day was SUCH a Lindsay Lohan”), and someone jumped all over me about how she was an underrated actor. Um, no. She’s not. She had talent, and she wasted it. I’d have a lot of sympathy for her if she ever admitted to a problem, or took responsibility for any of her actions EVER. Until she does either, I’m OK appreciating GIF breakdowns such as this:

Favourite Friday: November 30th Edition


Explain yourself, Yoko Ono.

I still can’t fully believe that this is actually a thing. Was Yoko Ono telling a funny joke through material that resemble clothes? Yes, that has to be it.

Favourite Friday: November 30th Edition


I’m trying to picture how I would react if my son, when he got to teenage age, slowly walked down the stairs wearing this outfit for school. Would I be a cool mom and say, “nice fake nipples, make sure to drink some milk.”?

This simply confuses me and leaves me speechless.

Favourite Friday: November 30th Edition


 Video I’m most excited to watch

I love Skylar Grey and I love Eminem. This is not news. What is news (late news) is that Eminem is executive producing Skylar’s album to be released in December. They collaborated on a song called “C’mon Let me Ride”. Of course I love it, but I had to gut check with L-A. I sent her an email which asked, “Is this video too offensive?” She responded that she nearly fell off her chair thinking of what could possibly strike me as “too offensive” for our blog.

Anyway! This is the “official lyric video”, the actual video drops on December 12th. It will appear here.

YouTube Preview Image

Crappy Pop Video of the Week

I know you thought the last video was my crappy pick, but you were wrong.

YouTube Preview Image

It might just be over, Linds.

L-A: Hey! Remember me? I used to write here? Right. I promise I’ll be back soon. It’s been a crazy month for me. On top of the usual life stuff that keeps one busy (you know, 9 to 5 plus the occasional after work drinks), I’ve been prepping for a craft show and that has kind of taken over my life and my living room. So, sans further adieu, my favourites! This week, my favourites are (almost) all things happening in Halifax. If you are from outside of Halifax, I apologize and encourage you to visit.

1. Craft Show!

Favourite Friday: November 30th Edition

Remember when Ally and I found out we were second best blog in the city? Well this show won best craft show in town. And I couldn’t be prouder. I’ve  been doing shows with them since 2008 and helping to organize since 2009/2010. The organizers I’ve worked with are amazing people who bring together an even larger group of amazing artists. So if you get a chance, head to the show. And say hey! I’ll be there!

2.  Happy Birthday Fashion East!

Favourite Friday: November 30th Edition

Our invites to blogiversaries never look this pretty.

The lovely ladies of Fashion East Halifax are celebrating their first blogiversary. If I didn’t have at least seventeen different things to do for the show tomorrow morning, I’d totally be there. Instead, I’ll procrastinate for a moment and look at the pictures they take before getting back to stabbing my fingers with needles and spilling paint on the floor.

3. Champagne Thursdays at J&R Grimsmo

Best. Idea. Ever.

Of course, I missed this week for the same reason I’m not doing anything other than stabbing my fingers this week. But this is so going to happen next week. And hey, if my show goes well, I will be buying myself some early Christmas presents. (you can skip to 27sec…unless you’re a Jean Ralphio fan. Which you should be).

YouTube Preview Image

4. This is probably in my mailbox right now

Favourite Friday: November 30th Edition

You have no idea how much I love new additions to the arm party (actually, you probably do). And bonus is the free Butter polish. I picked this set up from Jewelmint a little while ago and the only downside to the whole thing is waiting for it to ship.

5. #WinWhatYouWish

 Favourite Friday: November 30th Edition

I want to win so I can buy a small army of luck cats from Biscuit. (I hashtagged that up on the Instagram ages ago).

6. I googled The Hills and realized I had forgotten about Heidi and Spencer.

They’re not even a thing anymore. You guys, this is the best. My faith in humanity is restored.

7. My hair is almost better!

Well, more like I’m almost an inch away from all the damaged fried bits being grown out of my bangs. That’s going to be a banner day, my friends.

Speaking of hair, I caught the tail end of the this on Much Music tonight (I was hoping to see the end of Scott Pilgrim vs the World) and I have questions.

YouTube Preview Image

Is this not the most improbable collection of hairdos you’ve ever seen on three kids? I know I’ve questioned Biebs in the past (we solved that: the swoosh was held together by the tears of pre-teen girls), but this is just amazing. Also, is it just me, or are these kids targeting their lyrics to the girls with the low self-esteem? Because if they are, I have this to say: “Those are the low hanging fruit. You’re non-threatening, pretty to the point that some of you could be ambiguous in your gender and those girls are just going to want to hold your and and touch your hair no matter what you sing.”

I have a feeling I’m getting too old for this shit.

YouTube Preview Image

Enjoy your weekend!

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/FashionablePeople/~3/J4r65RXvKxY/

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