Favourite Friday: October 21 Edition

Ally: Hello all! As I write this, L-A is making her way to Dartmouth Crossing on our super reliable public transit system. She is taking this journey to obtain a black dress, which apparently is the feat of the century for our fair friend. I wish her luck, and am so happy that I have no social life to find a dress for since it is RAINING BUCKETS outside.

So, it’s Favourite Friday time. I actually have a few favourites to add this week. First up though, can I talk about what I hate? L-A started the Things We Hate for Favourite Friday theme, so I’ll continue with that lest I disappoint you with a too positive Friday post.

Some 12 year old has my dream glasses:

Favourite Friday: October 21 Edition

The Fuck?


Is Ava Witherspoon/Phillipe wearing my Dior glasses?

Favourite Friday: October 21 Edition

I think she effing is.

I mean, for reals, I’m scrambling through my kid’s piggy bank (ok – it’s a duck) to look for loose change for the Ally Needs Dior Glasses Fund, and a 12 year old is wearing them to the park? Life is not fair.

Yah, that’s pretty much all I hate tonight. So let’s move on to my Favourites. Today I had to interview Ozlem, from House of Moda, for work. Yes, you read that right. I legitimately had to interview her for a Real Life job. So, of course I took the opportunity to take some photos of in her store within the Shops of Mills while I was there. I also might have left with two pairs of earrings.

I’ve been talking about Ozlem for a long-time now. She’s absolutely one of my favourite jewellery designers. It’s a go-to for my husband when he is looking to buy me a birthday/Christmas/I-screwed-up gift. I have a collection of Moda designs! Just like Beyonce!

Favourite Friday: October 21 Edition

Yes. Beyonce owns three pairs of House of Moda earrings. I own more. I win.


House of Moda has been getting a lot of attention lately, with a great post written by fellow Haligonian fashion/lifestyle blog Palm Magazine. Editors note: I think Perry has a better camera than me. No, I know he has a better camera than me. So, hit up his post to check out photos with greater “clarity” than my little piece of shit camera produced.


Favourite Friday: October 21 Edition

See the earrings pinned to Beyonce’s yellow bikini top? Bought ’em. Love ’em.

While I have many earrings from House of Moda, and a necklace, I have yet to purchase a bracelet. I am going to leave this to my husband for Christmas.

Hint. Hint. 

Favourite Friday: October 21 Edition

El Jeffe? This one. Thanks.

Speaking of necklaces, this pink necklace absolutely caught my eye. Paired with a simple white/grey t-shirt? Yes.

Favourite Friday: October 21 Edition

Picture this on a Gwyneth Paltrow. GOOP needs to meet House of Moday.

Ozlem also talked to me about Toy Watches, which my ignorant ass had never heard of. She rattled of a number of celebrities who own this brand. So, really, I should be ashamed of myself.

Favourite Friday: October 21 Edition

Also on the Christmas Wish List.

House of Moda is the exclusive carrier of this brand in N.S., and I believe Atlantic Canada. Ozlem told me that if she doesn’t have the watch you want in-house, it’s likely she can order it from the Toy Watch website and they will have it to her within two business days. Respect.

I quite like the shade of purple. Would match my Dior glasses, yes?

Favourite Friday: October 21 Edition


It’s so great to see House of Moda in it’s current location. The boutique is gorgeous, designed by Ozlem herself (I told her she needs to help a sister out with my home office). You need to drop by and visit. Before you do, be sure to like House of Moda on Facebook. There is currently a contest underway. You tag House of Moda in a photo with you wearing one (or more…if you are like me or Beyonce) of her accessories and you get the chance to win $150 to spend in-store!

Favourite Friday: October 21 Edition

She really is that adorable. And my camera really is that crappy. Where is L-A and her camera when I need her?

Rounding out the Favourites for this week, let’s talk Royce da 5’9. We all know that I love Country and Hip Hop. Odd mix, yes. I’m keeping it real up in here though. Royce is the Bad in the duo Bad Meets Evil (the other half being my beloved Eminem). So, the other night at the BET Awards, Royce threw done a brillant performance in the Cypher. I’m not sure what the Cypher is, I live in Bedford, but it’s an annual freestyle segment of the awards show. Just hear me out. Go to the five minute mark for Royce’s part.

“Hi Rihanna”. Amazing. Apparently it became a trending topic on Twitter and Rihanna even responded.

I also like that he’s pretty great at using The Twitter.

Crappy Pop Video of the Week. Speaking of Rihanna:

My first thought was, “she smokes”? My second thought was, “Is that her trying to pull of an Irish accent?” If yes, then good on you. Great video. GREAT VIDEO. Needless to say, on repeat on my iShuffle.


L-A:  It’s a miracle!! Not only did I not bus all the way out to the ends of the earth in the rain (although I still got soaked), I found an amazeballs black dress at Suit Yourself in the Brewery Market. And it’s totally a Project Runway Canada designer (Lucian Matis)!  If that’s not a Friday Favourite, I don’t know what the hell is.


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