Favourite Friday – October 23 Edition – pop music, Oprah, cookies, and fashion weeks

AllyG: I can’t stop singing this song…

Don’t get me started on her shitty hair, but love the chorus.

Also, it could be the hormones, but I’ve been watching this video over and over and getting chills and tears each time. The world would be a better place if we solved all our problems by choreographing a group dance. For reals.

I know you’ve all seen it, but whatever. It’s awesome and tell me it doesn’t just make your Friday morning that much better. On a side note, I’ve totally been that girl in the blue shirt. You know, dancing like an asshole by yourself while everyone stares at you. Except, they weren’t in on it. It wasn’t no flash mob. I was just lit up on cheap wine.

That’s all for me on this Friday. Sure, I’m not talking about fashion, but we can’t all be perfect.

L-A: Oprah scares me. I haven’t watched her show in years, but I have a feeling that just about everyone else does. What scares me is the POWER this one woman has. Can you imagine if she decided to use her powers for evil? Shit. She’d have a death ray or an evil weather machine built by now.  Fortunately, she uses her power to hire the Black Eyed Peas and get half of Chicago to dance a choreographed routine.  And not to piss her off, because I can only imagine the wrath she’d bring down on this blog if I pissed her off (death rays!), but I’d like to ask her to please stop posing on the cover of every single issue of O Magazine. I’m pretty sure we’ve all figured out that O = Oprah and that you are Oprah and that you (not so) secretly rule the world.

Now I’m going to share with you one of my favourite things this week and I apologize that it is not fashion related at all, but they were so tasty that I cannot keep them to myself: Snickerdoodles.


Sorry, we’re not food photographers Chez L-A – neither the camera, the patience, nor the lighting. But they are tasty tasty sugar cookies that I found out about through my thesis research (aka. watching a lot of Veronica Mars). I brought them to work yesterday and they were described as a cookie version of a beaver tail (which, it just occured to me, will only sound appealing to Canadians. It’s a pastry, not the actual tail of a beaver. And it’s magnificent. Trust).  I was going to share the recipe, but this isn’t a food blog. If you really want the recipe, comment and I’ll share it. Anyways, I ate a lot of them this week and they were a little bit to die for. So: snickerdoodle = favourite.

Movin’ on.  Back in September I told you that New York Fashion Week was a favourite of mine, but alas! My budget forbade me to even get close to the tents, let alone finagle my way in (one of these days I will be front row at Marc Jacobs… that is until an Olsen or one of those blogging poppets like Tavi kicks me out of her seat). And while it isn’t NYFW, my turn has come! This week is Atlantic Fashion Week and FPQT will be there! Bring on the pretty Atlantic Canada!  Bring it on.

But seriously. I’m excited. We’re going to talk to designers and take pictures and report back to you on all the talent we see on the runway.  Totally a favourite. (as is Bring It On. It’s no Clueless, but it is good times).

And some final shameless self-promotion: you can go read my fashion recap of Gossip Girl here. I hope I’m snarky and funny and you still like me after you’ve read it.

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