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Favourite Friday: October 25 Edition

Favourite Friday: October 25 Edition

Ally: Don’t worry! We’re still doing the list thingy! Favourite Fridays have always been lists, so we’re not cheating! I’ll kick it off with my top faves, and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Favourite #1: Dress for Success Clothing Sale

I’ve been obnoxiously promoting this all over social media, but I’ll throw the word out here as well. Today marks the start of the Dress for Success Halifax’s FINAL clothing sale for 2012. Many of our readers have attended these sales previously and have found some stellar bargains. I’ve personally seen Nine West, Coach, Calvin Klein, Nicole Miller, BCBG and Mexx. Don’t raise an eyebrow over Mexx, most of my work clothes are Mexx. These are the clothes I sport when I leave the house and am going to speak to actual real-live people. Check out the times, hope you can make it.

Favourite Friday: October 25 Edition

Also, can you be a doll and “like” the Dress for Success Halifax Facebook page? I need more people to laugh at my funny jokes there. I mean, please, I referenced the infamous Rachel/Monica/Phoebe wedding dress shopping trip this week and…

YouTube Preview Image

Social Media mortification.

Favourite #2: Ashley Ling for Roots Collaboration

I received a well-timed heads-up about this new collection that I also think L-A will quite enjoy! As I’ve been working away on an RFP my creative gusto has been gusted away, so I’ll steal the description of Ling’s work directly from the media release. What up plagiarism!

The collection is made up of native-inspired found objects and vintage artifacts using tarnished brass, drop
antler, carved bone and relics unearthed from centennial and Olympic history. From vintage limited
edition Canada 1867-1967 centennial pins, to Calgary ‘88 Olympic relic cabochons… the aesthetic of
each brand married beautifully. Like looking through an old faded photo album of your parents at
summer camp, these handmade pieces foster the same well-worn feeling of warm nostalgic Canadiana.

L-A is drooling right now.

This would be my favourite piece:

Favourite Friday: October 25 Edition


You can check out more photos at Ashley Ling’s Facebook page or on the Roots Canada Facebook Page. Right now, the collection is available in stores across Toronto (including the flagship Bloor location) and select Roots locations in Vancouver and Montreal. Sadly, not available in our fair province, but let me know if you’re traveling. You got space in your suitcase, right?

Favourite #3: P!nk in Elle Canada

Look, I know I’ve been talking a lot of P!nk in these parts, but it’s either P!nk or falling victim to Taylor Swift’s Parisian romance in the video Begin Again (or something to that effect…I’m too tired to Google).

Favourite Friday: October 25 Edition



She was also adorable on Ellen. And this song still rips my heart into a thousand pieces.

YouTube Preview Image

Favourite #4: Best. Tumblr. Ever.

Have you guys checked out #MyFriendsaremarried? I almost don’t want to show you because I steal borrow GIFs from there all the time, but that’s what the Internet is for! Sharing is caring!

Anyways, it’s priceless, and a reminder of how I should never, ever act as a married lady.


“When my friend tells me she is excited to move from the city to the suburbs”

Favourite Friday: October 25 Edition


I think L-A may have done that when I mentioned I was retreating to Bedfordshire.

 Crappy Pop Video of the Week

Ok, I lied, I had to Google Swifty for you. This video is just so atrocious. This is teaching the young ladies of the First World what exactly? I mean, Eminem is offensive. I get it. Very offensive. However, you could argue that he is truth-telling his experiences from  growing up in the gutter of Detroit. What is Taylor doing here? She’s selling you a vision from the 1950′s. No wonder she fell for John Mayer and his Your Body is a Wonderland bullshit. Now THAT is offensive music.

YouTube Preview Image

My eyes are bloodshot from rolling so hard over her outfits. How fucking precious.

In other news, I downloaded her album.



L-A: I want to judge Ally for the Taylor Swift download…but…well…I may or may not be listening to it right now (on YouTube. I still have some pride left).  On to my short list of favourites:

1. Big Day Downtown!

We’ve been teamed up with Halifax Broad for this year’s day downtown. Apparently she hates shopping. I know. I don’t get it either.

Favourite Friday: October 25 Edition

It appears she does like to eat and drink, so we’ll be okay. A list of what we did on Saturday morning will be available Monday. I think I want to buy all the bracelets (Ally may disagree, but we’ll see).

2. Well played, Banana Republic

So, I was kind of all the what nows when they came out with the last Mad Men collection. I just didn’t get it. I was like, cute, but where’s the Mad Men? And when I got a press release telling me there’d be an Anna Karenina collection. And I thought I’d be all what the fucks on that because let’s take a moment to look at the trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

Sad, fancy Russians! Sad, fancy pre-Revolution Russians! With moustaches that are Movember sad! (Full disclosure, and I’m sure you could have guessed this: I have never read Anna Karenina. I did take some Russian history courses, but they were really frigging sad).

So I couldn’t figure out how the hell they’d turn those movie costumes into normal people’s clothing. But they did. And I like it.

Favourite Friday: October 25 Edition

If I made NYE plans, I’d totally want to wear that. Love the dress, love the statement necklace. Hell, I kind of dig the fur hat. It’ll be available on October 31. I do accept presents of pretty dresses and weird fur hats.

3. Timeraiser on Nov. 1

 Favourite Friday: October 25 Edition

A pretty cool way to raise time instead of money for different organizations. What do I mean by raising time? Well, instead of bidding money on pretty art, you bid time you’re willing to volunteer. And when you’re done volunteering, you get your art. Which is a pretty sweet way to get your hands on really sweet art work. Like these:

Favourite Friday: October 25 Edition

#2 Winter Driving by Jack Bishop

Favourite Friday: October 25 Edition

Salty Dog by Sarah Burwash

Favourite Friday: October 25 Edition

Cotton Candy by Natalie Boterman

I think those could be worth 100 hours of time (that’s what it seems the art goes for in other cities). If you want to go, tell us which agency you’d like to volunteer for or which piece of art you’d like to take home (you can see a full list of art and agencies here: http://www.timeraiser.ca/halifax.html). We’ll pick one of y’all at random to attend with a friend.

4. Hipster adjacent jam of the week

YouTube Preview Image

bahahahaha. Sorry. I told you I was listening to Swifty. She is overly precious, but that song is damn catchy (and I imagine popular on the dance floors of colleges across the continent. What up, jaded 20 year olds! Just you wait until you’re 28 and singing that into a glass of wine). But the dude in the animal hat in her band is kind of hipster adjacent. I say this because there’s a guy I see in the mornings on the way to work and he has a fox tail and a spork on his bag. A fox tail! And a spork! I don’t even understand!

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/FashionablePeople/~3/g0k0e1uCjs0/

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