Favourite Friday – September 18 Edition: Gossip Girl, Models and ANTM gets even more crazypants

L-A: It’s Friday! Want to know what my favourite thing is this week? Guest bloggers. They’ve been awesome. I hope you’re liking them as much we do.

What else is a favourite this week?


That’s right. The return of Gossip Girl. Even if it means I have to suffer through outfits like these:

gossipinsohopu3s-phnp1yl 0301_Vanessa4 0301_Jenny3

And that’s not taking into account Serena, who will probably wow us with some ill-fitting outfits at some point, which will drive Ally crazy. But the sight of Chuck in a seersucker suit makes it all okay. It’s the happy place I needed after seeing Vanessa’s shorts. The return of GG also means the launch of You Know You Love Fashion, which is all about the looks on the show.

Also on the television front, the craziness of America’s Next Top Model. Two models eliminated!


Poor Doe Eyes. She didn’t even see it coming. Can you imagine being told to go home because you’re boring? All she had to do was give them a bit of a song from a musical. Hells, even I could have broken into an off key number from Oliver! from my Glee Club days (which wasn’t actually a club, but a mandatory choir. It’s the reason I know the words to “Food Glorious Food” and “Consider Yourself” without ever actually seeing a production of Oliver!).

I would have eliminated Bianca at the end of it. She once again got pissed off about her hair and makeup. Although, I’d probably be pissed off if they made me look like a bad RuPaul knockoff.

America's Next Top Model

Even Jay was saying that Isis, who you might remember is transgender, looked more feminine than Bianca did during this shoot. Two weeks in the bottom two?  She’s going to have to bring it next week.

The most memorable part of the episode, which gave me some serious embarrassment cringes, was when Tyra became Super Smeyes:

Watching that was just short of watching Tyra actually jump a shark. But she’s probably going to save that for later in the cycle. (If my computer would let me run photoshop, I would have totally photoshopped Tyra’s face onto the Fonz for you).

And I’m only going to say this once: we will never again use the “word” “Smeyes” on this blog. It is not a word. It should not be used as a verb. Ever. We will continue to use the phrase, “Smile with your Eyes”.

Moving on to other favourites. Something from the new Marc Jacobs collection that almost made me spit Diet Pepsi all over the computer:


You’re killing me Marc. Really. Although, check it out: flats! I don’t think I like these particular flats, but I like seeing flats on the runway. And all the wee top models have on flats. Is this a sign of a flat shoe trend? If so, feet everywhere are saying thank you.

And finally, an adorable video/ad of some of our favourite models, Coco Rocha and Behati Prinsloo, for fall trends at Holt Renfrew. It’s kind of adorable. I want to dress up in fancy clothes and jump on the bed at the Gladstone Hotel.

Models get all the fun.

But you know what’s not my favourite thing? How frigging slow my computer has been while trying to write this post. Bah! Sorry. It’s been frustrating and there is no one in the room to hear me yell about how I want to throw my laptop out of the window.

Okay, that’s it for me. And it’s just me today. More guest blogging next week. Of course, much love goes out to Ally, El Jeffe and their new papoose. They finally posted pictures on the facebooks and the little dude is pretty darn adorable. I’m sure Ally is reading this and saying, “WTF? It’s Friday! Where are my crappy pop music/country music videos?!?” But I’m not giving in. Not yet.



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