Favourite Friday: the 11 | 11 | 11 edition

L-A: I’m not really going to address Remembrance Day, only because it’s really hard to talk about fashion and Remembrance Day without sounding like a jerk. So I’m not going to do it and I’ll leave the remembering of folks who fought in wars up to you (I’ll do it on my own time).

Moving on. No hates this week, all love.

1. 11|11|11

It’s a palindrome!

Better yet, it is the day that most resembles corduroy. Ever. I’ve been looking forward to this day for years. I had always meant to throw a corduroy party, but that isn’t happening. Actually, I had always hoped to go to NYC for the Corduroy Appreciation Club’s Grandest Meeting, but I had a hard time convincing my husband that a trip to NYC and a new corduroy outfit actually made sense.

I will wear corduroy tomorrow. If you catch me at karaoke, I’m hoping to make an old Penguin cord skirt work with some coloured tights. It looks a lot like this, except orange:

Favourite Friday: the 11 | 11 | 11 edition

A day off is a good day to play around with bold colours. But back to the corduroy. I’m pretty stoked. I’m also wondering why I haven’t gotten a membership to the Appreciation Club yet…I’ve known about this for years.

2. Ryan Gosling + Typography = Best thing EVER

If I thought Jo was sending me an amazing tumblr when she sent me the one about Gosling and puppies, well, I had no idea what I was in store for. Because she followed it up with this dreamboat of a tumblr:

Favourite Friday: the 11 | 11 | 11 edition

Possibly my Most Favourite Thing of All Time

We all know I’m a Gosling fan and we kind of know I love fonts (typography is one of those things I really wish I knew more about because I love it. I mean, paid money to go see Helvetica in theatres and rent it to watch a second and third time kind of love it). So put the two together and sweet merciful, you have all my favourite things in one tumblr. If it had kittens I’d have died of joy by now.

3. More Tumblr Gold:

Favourite Friday: the 11 | 11 | 11 edition

In hindsight, Kevin Arnold really was kind of an ass. Sadly for this tumblr, I discovered it at the same time I was discovering Typographer Ryan Gosling, so it really isn’t as exciting as it could have been.

4. Quit Exchange

A great new use of peer pressure! You promise to give up something you love and in exchange, your friend or family member gives up smoking. And I’ve offered to wear something ridiculous and post it on the blog if Glynn and John Michael try to give up the smokes. That’s two ridiculous outfits if they accept. While that may not seem like a lot, I think giving up my dignity for the amusement of the internet is something.

5. Your crappy pop video

You know how I normally suck at this? Well, I still suck, but I got smart and just visited Ally’s Facebook page and found this:

Why haven’t I thought of visiting her Facebook before now? Anyway, I dedicate that Florida Flo Rida video to Ally who is at home with a magic bag on her face. She’s been down and out with a bitch of a sinus infection. And if you know of any other crappy videos, you’d totally make her week by sharing them with us. Just saying.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/FashionablePeople/~3/tP0xY2KviR0/

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