Favourite Friday: the February 25th edition – heart on for the Oscars

L-A: Oscar Party! You know it’s on Sunday, right? And you Halifax folks who don’t have other Oscar parties are coming, right? Right. Okay. Glad we have that settled.  Actually, in case you need the details again, here they are:

Oscars! Party!

Ally asked if she could borrow this. Cher said no.

We’re watching the Oscars at the Khyber with Carbon Arc Cinema!

We’ll be starting at 7pm with the red carpet coverage and we’ll stay until the final envelope is opened or everyone goes home! (whichever comes first…it’s a long night)

There will be booze and adorable/tasty cupcakes by Gateaux Rose (both for sale)!

As you know, we are big fans of cake. Especially that of the cup variety.

Trivia! With prizes!

Prize for best outfit as well!

(feel free to wear whatever…but know that you won’t get a prize).

Follow Lauren’s Oscar pool!

There will be lots of exclamation marks!

There is a sweet collection of prizes, including (but not limited to) goodies from Propeller, Boutique Joliette (as seen in Ally’s Big Day Downtown), and LouLouBell.  Check out the Facebook event page for a longer list of prize sponsors. It’s a pretty sweet list and makes me wish I wasn’t the host – because it’s a wee bit gauche to win the prizes at your own event.

Lauren is in charge of trivia, but we’ll throw you some fashion inspired ones as well. Which means, today’s favourite may or may not be a cheat sheet for said trivia.  I’m not going to say how or why, but you may want to be familiar with the likes of the following:

I enjoy crazy when it's totally on purpose.



2000: the year I lost faith in awards ceremonies (I'm looking at you Gladiator)



Oh just accept the damn award already.

Maybe these dresses, maybe not. I’m just saying, study your red carpet. And know that I love a good train wreck of a dress. Because sometimes, the prettiest dresses are the most forgettable.

Anyway, video of the week is one we’ve seen before. Multiple times. But dear god, I do enjoy it. One of these days, watching Ron Howard party with Jamie Foxx and a panda will get old…but not yet. Oh no, not yet.


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