Favourite Friday: The Final 2011 Edition

L-A:  Okay, so technically, you won’t get this until at least Saturday. But trust me when I say this was written on a Friday.  But I’ve been visiting with my in-laws all week and it’d be kind of rude if I wandered off to go writing blog posts instead of being social with the people who have let me take over their basement for five days.

Anyway, it wouldn’t be Listmas without a final list of favourites for the year. Hell, it wouldn’t be the end of the year without some kind of Top Ten Somethings.  So here are my top five favourite things this year and Ally will give you hers and bam! A Top Ten!

1. Arm Parties

Favourite Friday: The Final 2011 Edition

Favourite Friday: The Final 2011 Edition

I owe Man Repeller a great debt of gratitude for coming up with the name of what I’ve slowly been doing with my wrist. The Husband isn’t so sure about it. I tried a new one on at H&M this week and his reaction was, “too much.” But can you really have too much?

I like to take things up a notch on Saturdays and really over-accessorize like a champ. I use the fancy and the homemade bracelets and I kind of love it. Will it last long into 2012? We’ll see. It’ll definitely last until Groundhog Day.

2. This post still kills me.

Favourite Friday: The Final 2011 Edition

Is it weird to make a post I wrote a favourite? Because it’s totally a favourite this year. I read my own post about three times and giggled every time.

3. Glitter Mini-Ponies

Favourite Friday: The Final 2011 Edition

If the wedding of Kim and Kris gave the world anything, it’s the Glitter Mini-Pony. I am in love with this. Not enough to take glitter to a real pony (I only like ponies in theory), but definitely enough to buy a My Little Pony and cover it in glitter as a birthday present.

Perhaps the saddest thing to come from the breakup of Kim and Kris is that a glitter mini-pony is now living in a broken home. Did they stay together? Or does one have to move to the New Jersey and glitter alone in the Garden State? I have no idea.

4. Glitter Shoes.

Favourite Friday: The Final 2011 Edition

Seriously. These are one of my most favourite purchases in ages. And timely too, because the glitter shoe became awesome and everywhere this fall.

Favourite Friday: The Final 2011 Edition

Thank you, MiuMiu. You made the world a more glittery place. Partly because the imitation glitter shoes mean I can get everyday glitter party shoes. Because the Kate Spades aren’t shoes for wearing out on the town. In fact, I mostly just like to look at them. (They’re actually not too bad for wearing, but I fear that if I wear them out, I’d ruin them).

5. Seriously awesomesauce television

Favourite Friday: The Final 2011 Edition



Gossip Girl has been letting me down these days and don’t even get me started about how much I hate Glee most days. But shows like REVENGE (!!!)? Holy crap. The dramz has me re-watching episodes during the week while I wait for the next installment.  And the clothes are worth watching for as well. I also like how smug I get to feel when I see this on everyone else’s Top of 2011 lists. Why the smug? Because I’ve been on this soapy bandwagon from day one. I saw the fromage gold early and got on board. And who doesn’t love being right about things of little consequence? Who doesn’t love saying, “I told you so”? Who doesn’t love knowing something was awesome before everyone else? You can say you don’t, but you probably do, at least a little bit.

So that’s five. And as I scroll through previous Favourite Fridays, I realize I could make this list go to ten. Which would then be a Top 15. Things like how much I adore Obladee or our 500th post (written by Mel) or our 2nd birthday party.   But I have to stop because all of my in-laws are upstairs and I should be there too.  Have a Happy New Year and an amazeballs NYE – wear something glittery for me. I’m traveling all day, so I’m going to ring in 2012 in jeans and eating Chinese food.  We’ll see you in the new year. Until then, here’s an adorable video that half of your friends have probably shared on the Facebook already (which is how I found it).

Ally: I almost forgot I co-wrote a blog. It was so much madness before the Christmas break and the past week I have been enjoying daily naps between the hours of 12pm and 2pm. When L-A wrote me an email today suggesting we write a list of favourites I was all, “Who are you? What is this blog you speak of?” Then I remembered that she was the friend who wrote the epic post about the Glitter Ponies and my mojo was resurrected.

If L-A is including a favourite post of hers’ (is that correct grammar? I’m writing this under the influence of Kim Crawford so you’ll have to m’excuse), I’m including my favourite post that I wrote:

1. Here’s the Thing, Blake Lively: It’s not me, it’s you. 

Bitch, PLEASE.

Favourite Friday: The Final 2011 Edition

You and your stupid ass hat ruined Leo for me forever.

I take great pride in that post. I love that post. Like L-A I laughed at my incredible humour while re-reading it several times (I’m that awesome). Still, while the post is a favourite the actual topic nearly ruined me. I have yet to get back on the great ship Titanic. Blake Lively not only walked away with Ryan Reynolds, she walked away with Leo’s manhood, and I can’t recover.

2. Speaking of Recover(y). I found a new pretend boyfriend that helped heal my Leo heartache in 2011. Bless you, Detroit bad boy:

I’m almost over it. I swear. Although that video may have set me back a little.

3. Our Gift from Rockport

In the fall, L-A and I were invited to visit the new Rockport store in Halifax Shopping Centre. We were gifted with a pair of shoes of our choice. I wear these every day. Literally. Every.Single.Day. They bring the cool to the suburbs, and keep my Garage skinny jeans bangin’.

Favourite Friday: The Final 2011 Edition

How many times have I posted this photo? This is me purchasing the boots.


Favourite Friday: The Final 2011 Edition

The Anna Motor boots. I love.

 4. Best Purchases:

Favourite Friday: The Final 2011 Edition

What’s up Soccer Moms?

These beautiful Rag & Bone Colbalt Bell jeans were purchased at Foreign Affair. They keep me relevant. Or so I tell my husband.

Favourite Friday: The Final 2011 Edition

I’m this much closer to Nicole Richie

I finally own a House of Harlow item. Also from Foreign Affair.

Favourite Friday: The Final 2011 Edition

Check the earrings at the back, on Beyonce’s photo, “To the left, to the left”

Don’t get the photo caption? Seriously?

I could spend all day on YouTube. It’s like the interpretive dance of blog posting.

Anyway,My love affair with House of Moda continued this year. I can’t get enough of this woman’s designs. It seems like every party I hit up (ok, not many, but the three I went to in 2011) has at least 10 women wearing House of Moda earrings or bracelets. Can’t wait to see what 2012 has to bring for Ozlem.

5. Lady Gaga

One of the funniest moments we’ve had since starting this blog was realizing the number of hits we had after we posted about Lady Gaga. I wasn’t sure about Gaga at first. At I was even more skeptical after the whole “arriving to an awards ceremony in an egg” debacle. Still, she’s grown on me. I don’t think there is anyone out there quite like her. Not even Selena Gomez! My love was cemented for the Ga when she came out with Marry the Night. It’s not the best written song, or the most vocally awe-inspiring, but the video is a smash. I can’t help but love her.

It’s worth the 14 minutes, and seriously, you’re probably hungover reading this. Grab a coffee and enjoy.

Ooh! Bonus! Rihanna’s new video is out. I also love her. Am I allowed six favourites for 2011?

Happy New Year! Looking forward to making you feel smarter than me three times a week in 2012!



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