Favourite Friday – the July 8th edition

L-A: So, still sick. With what is possibly the weirdest headcold ever. It’s only on ONE SIDE of my head. What is with that? Other Intern Glynn thought I was crying on Tuesday, but it was just my eye leaking because I was sick (I don’t believe in feelings at work. Bathroom cries? Yes. Feelings out in the open office? Not if you can help it).

So, here’s my favourite things this week, limited by the fact that I have sinus pain and one watery eye:

1. I am not an intern anymore! Yes! That’s right – I have a real big girl job! Internship liked me so much, they’re keeping me.

2. Burritos from Burrito Jax. I know. Fashion blog, blah blah blah. But seriously. If I weren’t married already, I would marry these burritos. I want to spoon with them and I never want the burrito magic to end. I wish I could eat them all the time, but that would get in the way of my goal to lose some poundage (that’s a story for another post).

3. My adorable new Yelp watch. Apparently posting to Yelp a lot makes you an elite member and elite members in Halifax not only drink with Ben on a regular basis (apparently, this is my new hobby), but they get a gift. I don’t currently have a picture of said watch, but it is red and something along the lines of this, but with smaller numbers:


I’ve kind of eyed these watches by Nixon and such before and thought I might like them…but it’s a lot of coin to drop on a watch you’re not sure about. So I got the husband to figure out how to set the time on my new red watch and in wise words of the Great Tim Gunn, I’m going to make it work.

4. I’m not going to reveal all of the details of the why just yet, but Veronica MacIsaac and her fascinators are totally my favourite thing this week. Check it out:

Source: Veronica and AlterEgo Photography

I’m pretty much in love with her accessories. And if you can’t quite afford one of her custom dresses right now, you can totally afford one of these bad boys (prices start at $30).

5. Dress for Success and Mic Mac Mall are having a purse sale on Sunday. You should go and score a purse on the cheap for a good cause. I’d go, but I can’t because of favourite thing number 6.

6. I’m going to St. John’s tomorrow! I haven’t been there in about 10 years now and I’m super stoked. Next week will be a post about shopping in St. John’s, which has gotten infinitely better than when I lived in Newfoundland (although, let’s be honest, shopping at the Avalon Mall when I was a teenager was still a big frigging deal when you compared it to the malls of Corner Brook). And, for reader Kimberley (who I finally met in real life this evening), a new St. John’s themed smoulder candidate:

Now for the crappy pop video…which, honestly? I’ve got nothing. I don’t even know what crap is out there right now. I will share with you what was stuck in my head yesterday morning and tortured me for three hours:

Actually, it was Kiss on my List that was stuck in my head, but that video is so delightfully cheesy that I had to share. I mean, really! The fog, the soft focus, the moustache. Pure light rock gold.

And now Kiss on my List is once again stuck in my head. I did it to myself.

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Source: http://fashionablethings.com/2011/07/08/favourite-friday-the-july-8th-edition/


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