Favourite Friday – the June 7th Edition

L-A: Hey! Remember me? No? That’s okay. It’s been awhile. It’s not that I stopped loving you and the blog, but uprooting my life became this thing where I just couldn’t deal with anything – including writing that wasn’t work related.

So this was pretty much my reaction to everything from a meeting request to getting groceries to trying to figure out when the new season of Pretty Little Liars starts.



Hopefully I’ve got my shit together now, because I’m flying solo for a little bit. Why? Well because of my first favourite/highlight of the week:

1. We have a new intern at FPQT!

That’s right! Ally gave birth to a healthy, pink baby this week and the little girl already knows how to give a mean side eye. She’s super adorable and I can’t wait to meet her! To celebrate her arrival into the world, I’m kicking the favourites off with a seriously crappy pop video. One that would make even Ally roll her eyes.

Click here to view the embedded video.

You’re the best Ally! And in 11 years, your life will be full of the next generation’s Justin Bieber. I’ll be there to pour you wine during that phase.

We’ll be fair about our nepotism though and make sure she starts out as an intern in the mail room.

2. This awesome event is coming up: Heart & Stroke’s Red Hot


I went last year and it was a super swell time. The only reason I’m not going this year is because I won’t be in town. But if you can make it, it’s a great event for a great cause. Just raise a minimum of $300 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and you’re in the door for stuff like this:

Fancy desserts. I was clearly enamoured by the macarons on a stick. That's Martha Stewart levels of awesome.

Macarons. On a stick. Yessss.

3. New specs

I’m totally rocking big RayBan wayfarers these days. I’ll share a picture when I take one that doesn’t involve my bangs pulled back in a head band. No one needs to see that much of my forehead.

4. LL Bean Regrets

I tried on the most adorable LL Bean Signature dress on Friday and was feeling all, “ennnnnh….maybe I shouldn’t spend $100 on a dress right now. It does need to be taken in a bit in the boobs. I’ll just order it online.”


Seriously. So perfect for summer.

Well my friends, that was a mistake. While not quite the same level of middle class tragedy as the Marc Jacobs Bag Incident of 2010, it was still sadness that I didn’t buy it when I had the chance. Why? Because it’s effing sold out online. Is LL Bean that popular? Now what am I supposed to wear when I visit Palm Springs this month??? What? Clothes I already own?

5. Not a favourite, because slut shaming of any kind is just the living worst.

Apparently one of our Pretend BFFs (and real life BFF of Pretend Boyfriend Leo) is having her third child. But apparently her baby bump isn’t being celebrated as celebrity baby bumps often are. Nope. This is what she gets:


How is this headline even remotely okay?

The audacity! Children by more than one father? Outrageous!

But seriously. While I fully judge her husband’s decision to legally change his name to Ned Rocknroll (and I say this as a person who legally changed their last name to something completely fictional), I’m not about to judge her because her previous marriages didn’t work out. But apparently more than one British paper is ready to do so. But can we not throw any blame at the ex-husbands? Maybe just a little since one can assume they had some say in their marriages. You know, instead of judging ladies for not making all the perfect decisions all the time.

Anyway, that just annoyed me today and I had to get it out of my system. If y’all want to have kids with more than one dude, then that’s your bizness and none of mine. However, Rocknroll really is a ridiculous last name. I hope the kid gets to go by Winslet.

5. Back to favourites: I’ve got vinyl!


That’s right! That adorable record player is mine! And now I need to start buying vinyl. So far I’ve got Beach Boys Pet Sounds, Jay-Z The Blueprint 3 and a few from my Nana (soundtracks to Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The King and I). Any suggestions for what to buy next?

6. One final video of the week

Ally loves a good country video, the sappier the better. So here’s Taylor Swift with some country music fellow. Sadly, no old pickup trucks or old radios or old run down country houses in this video. Hell, no plaid either. So not up to Ally’s standards, but this is all I can do find in terms of country music.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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