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Favourite Friday – the March 11th edition: golf claps, Genies and other stuff

L-A: There should be a law against four assignments due in a three day period. Ben and Jill are gigantic favourites this week for covering our asses with guest posts. My eye twitch is starting to make a comeback and they helped keep that from happening for at least one more day. So golf claps to them:

Speaking of Ben, he has gone from talking about wearing a hat on the plane to breaking all his own rules and going with sweats on his 30 hour flight. We’re currently trying to arrange for an intervention team to head over to Ethiopia and rip the sweats from his hands. Because seriously? A hat is where it’s at when you’re flying international:

The dude dressed like that to drop someone off at the airport! The least we can do is try harder. A hat may not seem practical, but it’ll probably hide a multitude of sins by hour 20 of a flight. And the only hat that should be worn with sweats is one of the baseball variety and only at an athletic type event.

Moving on.

My biggest favourite of the week is what some say is the best holiday ever (second only to Birthday!):

Pancake Day! I may be the only one who calls it a holiday or says it’s the best holiday, but that’s okay. Pancake Day is still tops in my books, even if the rest of the world prefers holidays like Groundhog Day or Christmas or whatever. A day dedicated to pancakes? Why yes, please. (Also, I’m sort of in love with Fuckyeahnouns.com – I spent way too much time with that earlier this week).

Something that should have been a favourite this week was last night’s Genie awards.  Sometimes we miss large award giving ceremonies because of our schedules, but the Genies? I sort of didn’t notice it happening.  I’m not saying Canadian film isn’t great – because a lot of it is (and let’s face it, not all American film is worth writing home about), but the celebration of that film didn’t even blip on my radar. Which is too bad. At least I did catch Rachelle Lefevre in this number:

Sorry the picture is kind of lame. I found it via a tweet by Rachelle. Her dress seemed lovely, which was nice, because she had to hang out on stage a little longer to read an acceptance speech on behalf of Paul Giamatti, who couldn’t make it to Canada.

Okay, seriously. Even Paul Giamatti can’t make it to our movie awards. For reals? If we can’t get the nominees to the ceremony, how the hell do you expect anyone to watch on TV?  Reader challenge: what the hell do Canadian awards ceremonies need to do to get our attention? My first thought: a better red carpet. Frankly, the red carpet is the only reason most of us endure the Oscars, so I’m pretty sure that’s where you need to start.

Final favourite of the week is this adorably awesome video that Anthony sent us:

If I can’t compete with Ally to find you craptacular pop videos, the least I can do is find you the gayest, most awesome dance through the Toronto subway.  And by find, I mean have it delivered to me on a platter.

That’s it for me. No, wait. I think we need the non-sequiter of the week again this week.

Yeah, you’re welcome.

(although, technically, not a complete non-sequiter, as Our Anthony did do a Pretty Little Liars fashion recap this week).

p.s. things I loved this week, but did not write about because I have not yet had time to process them: a possible Royal Wedding watching party location, break up of Timberlake and that chick from Seventh Heaven and TopShop is coming to Canada. I’ll leave the two breaking news items for Ally to drool over.

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