Favourite Friday – the May 27th edition: cute coats, swag, and yes, more Ryan Gosling

L-A: Can we talk about the weather for just a second? Because some kind of Official Weather Dude gave us this fact yesterday: the past 35 of 40 days have been rain. I usually roll my eyes when people make jokes about building an ark, but sweet fancy moses! (or should I say Noah?) 40 days and 40 nights of rain is when you build an ark.

I realized that the only way to get any sun is to give up all hope. On Wednesday, I acutally said, “I’ve given up all hope” and the sun came out! And it came with swag from Sephora! And then tasty dinner with Ben and Jill and Lauren and other lovely people!

Of course, all of that gave me hope and the weather turned back to crap. So if you thought about having hope for better weather: DON’T.  Just trust me on that. Do hold out hope for even better makeup shopping in town.  Because I’m pretty stoked about Sephora opening on August 12. Y’all know I’m not a mall fan, but I will trek there to drop some serious cash money on makeup. (In the meantime, I will be checking out the Clinique Bonus Time at Mills).

But I’m not hoping for sun. Instead, I’m going to start making friends with people who own boats.

In other favourites, I recently discovered this gem of a clothing company while reading Martha Stewart on the iPad:

Chloe & Reese appear to have about a dozen or so styles, but all the styles come in a crazy variety of fabrics and colours. And they fit up to a size 14. Not exactly plus sized, but it still pleased this court to see they’d have dresses in my size. Despite all the colours, they struck me as the place to go for a the perfect little black dress:

Or an adorable coat with nautical themed buttons (speaking of nautical: I’ve also given up hope on finding that Joe Fresh dress. Sad but true):

I like it – and not just because it has anchors on the buttons. It’s got a bit of a Kate Middleton vibe to it. (Should I be calling her Duchess Kate now?) Kind of like the Libelula coat she wore – they’ve both got a bit of swing to them.

Is it just me? I say add a fascinator and some great shoes and your in business for looking classy like Kate. Not exactly like Kate, but classy like her. Should you want to look exactly like her, you can keep an eye on What Kate Wore. But don’t expect to actually buy anything Kate wore. She’s the new Michele Obama: her outfits cause websites to crash.

Either way, that dress and coat would be awesome for a night out with my glitter shoes.

Speaking of glitter, Kim Kardashian got engaged. Normally, this is not news I’d care about, but to celebrate the happy moment, her mom came out with two mini-ponies covered in glitter.

There's no effing way you're keeping up with the Kardashians now.

I almost wish I was kidding. Glitter mini-ponies!! That is the most spectacular, over-indulgent, and ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. I love it.

Anyway, my favourite thing this week was going to be celebrating our mutual love of Pretend Boyfriend Ryan Gosling. But I lost. To dull the heartbreak, I watched these videos on repeat:

And the majority of you really think Ryan Reynolds is hotter? Seriously? Whatever ladies and gentleman. You can have your Ryan Reynolds.

Out of curiosity, what’s your favourite thing this week? I always find that question stumps me.

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