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Favourite Friday – the November 2nd edition

Favourite Friday – the November 2nd edition

L-A: Well this has been quite the week. I had insomnia and was telling Ally, “yes! definitely write a list that includes K-Fed!” and Ally left the suburbs to come to town for dinner and a party. I know. What is the world coming to? But there’s a very good explanation for the latter. Because this happened:

1. We’re number two!

Favourite Friday – the November 2nd edition

Why yes, that is our name next to the word “silver” in The Coast’s Best of Halifax poll results. This led to a range of emotions that can only be expressed with YouTube videos and possibly an animated gif (maybe we spend too much time on the interwebs when this is the only way we know how to express emotions).

YouTube Preview Image

Followed quickly by:

YouTube Preview Image

And after a second to process, the need to say this:

YouTube Preview Image

(I’m not kidding. All three videos can be found in emails we sent each other this morning).

So, for reals, thank you for voting for us. It means a lot because it means you care enough to take some time to go vote. Which, let’s be honest, we’re all busy folks and it did take some time to go vote for us. So all the thanks. And all the congrats to the blogs in our category: Fashion East and Curtains are Open. We have serious envy for FashionEast’s mad photography skills.

2. Tumblr Gold of the Week

My latest favourite is Pretentious-ish.

Favourite Friday – the November 2nd edition

They totally seem like the kind of pretentious jerks I could be friends with. We’d drink pretentious drinks and it’d be rad.

3. Contest of the Week

You can win fancy clutches. Which I am totally in favour of.

Favourite Friday – the November 2nd edition

Click here to enter.

4. My Big Day Downtown

Yeah, I win for picking out these earrings for Ally:

Favourite Friday – the November 2nd edition

The necklace is also my new favourite accessory.

5. Hipster-ish Adjacent Jam of the Week

The last three minutes of this song are probably one of my most favourite things in life. I’m talking about 20 solid years of being a favourite. Which makes me feel a little old, but let’s not talk about that. Instead let’s focus on how awesome those three minutes are and how they’re the reason I’ve been listening to this on repeat for the past week and have probably already shared this with you a half dozen times before now.

YouTube Preview Image

6. This guy

Favourite Friday – the November 2nd edition

My new BFF

Speaking of which, he insists I go to bed.

Ally: My entry is going to be short this week since I went to bed at 8pm last night (heaven!) and didn’t take the time to post. What? I’m a WINNER.

Favourite Friday – the November 2nd edition


Limited favourites this week besides the obvious one that L-A already mentioned (and adequately followed-up with a YouTube montage of our emotions). I am excited about Biscuit General Store’s new web site, however. We really love Wendy and The Biscuits (I want to work there part-time so people can nickname me a Biscuit. Wendy? Can we make this happen? I can just come in one morning a week and brush everyone’s hair…think on it), and I really love the above earrings that L-A purchased for me through the Big Day Downtown event! Whee! I wore them last night!

Favourite Friday – the November 2nd edition

Awful photo, but I offer it up as evidence of fantastic-earring-wearing.

I’m going to go right into the Crappy Pop Music Video of the Week. L-A has been listening to a lot of Justin Bieber lately, which has raised some concerns for me. Don’t listen to her deny it. I have to say that this novella musical has proven to be quite addicting. I’m now get appropriately dramatic whenever the song comes the radio on when I’m driving, much to the amusement of my fellow drivers as I’m waiting for the red light to turn green. I may wave around diva hands.

Favourite Friday – the November 2nd edition


Prepare for feelings in 3…2…1…

YouTube Preview Image




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