Favourite Friday – the September 28th (actually, the 30th) issue

L-A: So, you know how I’ve been hating on things lately? Maybe it’s the two glasses of wine talking, but I’m all favourites this Friday, so let’s jump on in:


1. Obladee

Not the song, but the wine bar. If Ally and I ever make it there at the same time, this joint is totally going to become an Official Something. Because, I mean, a bar that pretty much only serves wine and cheese? (they have beer, but I’m not a beer drinker. They also have charcuterie, which is just a fancy way of saying tasty meat). Pretty much Best. Thing. Ever.

2. Minor Golf Claps to the Dal Student Union

I’ve got a soft spot for The Office and I especially love Parks & Rec, so I thought this was kind of cute:

This is not some kind of special shout out to an alma mater. Dal is one of the few educational institutions in the city that I have no affiliation with. But I can get down with a video that has this line:

“I really respect babies..  I mean, they sleep and eat all day. But man, they really fuck with our zen.”

Because it’s kind of true.

3. Major Golf Claps for ANTM bringing on Kelly Cutrone.

Because even though this happened on the current cycle:


Favourite Friday – the September 28th (actually, the 30th) issue

We all knew Tyra’s ticket to Crazytown was one way.

I’m pretty effing excited to see what’s coming down the line with this news:

Favourite Friday – the September 28th (actually, the 30th) issue

For reals ladies. Take it outside or have a bathroom cry. Work isn’t for feelings.

Kelly Cutrone on ANTM! Can we place bets on how many models with broke ass walks will be crying by the end of episode one?

4. New Season of TV

Holy crap you guys! The dramz!

Favourite Friday – the September 28th (actually, the 30th) issue

Yeah, we’re still waiting for the sexytimes between Buffy and Horatio Hornblower. Mark my word. It’ll happen.


Favourite Friday – the September 28th (actually, the 30th) issue



These shows are killing me in the best way possible. They are soapy and fromagey in ways you can’t even imagine. Like a mix of Dynasty and Melrose Place at their heights. Okay, I can’t speak to Dynasty at it’s height (I was under the age of 10), but I assume it was fun like these shows are. We’ve got twins pretending to be their twin who they think is dead and is cheating on her sexballs husband with her best friend’s husband and is pretending to be pregnant because the twin who is not really dead is pregnant! (that may be the most epic run on sentence ever. And it doesn’t even cover the entire plot summary. I mean, I haven’t even told you about the Murder Trunk). And we’ve got Count of Monte Cristo in the Hamptons! Fuck. This is pure gold.

5. Movies I want to watch a lot.

I love/hate when the theatres are full of movies I want to see. Mostly because I know I probably won’t end up seeing them all. That’s just how I roll. And I’m not talking about sexy violent Drive (although, yeah, I want to see that. And the other movie with Gosling in it).  Nope, the movies I want to see might be polar opposites of each other:

They’re both comedies?

6. Here’s your video for the week:

Yeah, I suck at the crappy pop video of the week. You can thank my husband for that one.

Ally: Down for the count with a chest cold so I took a night off of trite musings. You’re welcome, and enjoy your Friday!

L-A: HOW IS IT THAT NO ONE TOLD ME IT’S SEPT. 30?? For reals you guys. This is what happens when I blog after two glasses of wine.

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