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Favourite Friday: the September 7th issue

Favourite Friday: the September 7th issue

L-A: I don’t have a lot of favourites this week. It was a weird week. I had a five day weekend. Which is actually a week, but I’m still calling it a weekend. Whatever, the material point is that having five random days off and trying to jump back into life is hard. My Tuesday is a Thursday.


Let’s start with the non-favourites.

1. Say it ain’t so, Gob and Leslie Knope! 

Favourite Friday: the September 7th issue


I know. They were so funny and adorable. And now they are not going to be funny and adorable together.

2. Pretty Things Boutique is closing

This is totally one of my favourite stores in Halifax. It’s where I bought one of my favourite dresses and top.  A stranger at Coachella complimented me on my dress that I bought there.  Also, Cadence was a total trooper back when we were barely a blog and when blogs were still kind of embarrassing to have because not everyone had them yet, and she modelled in our tall ships themed show.

Favourite Friday: the September 7th issue

For five years of owning a business we love we give Cadence (and Chara of Love, Me – who was also a trooper for supporting us back then and loaning us clothes for the same show and also owning an awesome business for five years), the You Go Glen Coco Award of Awesomeness.

Favourite Friday: the September 7th issue


The news of both of these things left me feeling pretty bummed.

YouTube Preview Image

So, to cheer myself up, I googled up the movie Swimfan.

YouTube Preview Image

Honestly, it’s hard to stay super sad when that movie trailer exists. It’s ridonk. I don’t know why there are so many @ signs. 2002! You were so wacky and new at the interwebs! You didn’t realize we’d be @ing all over the joint in a few short years.


Okay. Favourites.

1. Year of Me!

Forget the Year of Penny, this is the year of L-A.

Favourite Friday: the September 7th issue

Why’s that? Oh, nothing much. Just the following:

– a hamburger named after me

– LA won the Stanley Cup

– a hurricane named after me

Favourite Friday: the September 7th issue

To be completely accurate, the hurricane is a Leslie, not a Lesley. But being a Lesley, you learn to accept that the entire world doesn’t agree on the spelling of your name. Which means, since Hurricane Leslie is meant to be the lady spelling of the name, I’m taking it as my own.

2. Fancy Pants Happy Birthday Holt Renfrew Diet Cokes 

Check out what came in my mailbox!

Favourite Friday: the September 7th issue

My photography sucks. But trust, they are the prettiest.

It’s like they’re too pretty to open. Especially since you can only buy them at Holt Renfrew stores. I will totally open them, but for now, they are sitting in my dining room looking pretty.

I may have to send a Toronto friend over to Holts to get me some of the other magenta items. Probably just the Pantone notebook, as I can’t really justify a Smythe blazer right now (but I will. Oh yes, it will be mine) and magenta lipstick scares me.

3. Vanity Fair getting bitchy on Scientology

Favourite Friday: the September 7th issue

I’m terribly fond of any article that rags on Scientology or tells me that Tom Cruise is a putz. So this is just a delightful September issue in my books. Makes up for Gaga on the cover of Vogue.

4. Best Anniversary Present Ever?

Okay, to be fair, The Husband has bought me some seriously good presents. But I was super pumped to get a Kiel James Patrick bracelet in the mail yesterday:


Favourite Friday: the September 7th issue

hello, gorgeous.


5. Your Hipster Jam of the Week

That’s it for me. Happy Friday! Go enjoy your wine! Ally: I have nothing. Oh, wait, I have this: YouTube Preview Image I know, I love you too. xoxo

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