Favourite Friday – the September 9th issue: the video heavy issue

L-A: Rebecca Black has forever ruined Fridays for me. No matter how much I’d prefer this in my head on Friday morning:

I always end up with “Friday, Friday, gettin’ down on Friday” and I start to consider putting my head in the oven. It’s a catchy tune, but let’s face it: it’s too catchy. It’s musical VD.

Anyway, on to the favourites! I crowd sourced this week’s favourites. And by crowdsource, I mean I took out a notebook while I drank wine with some PR Skool ladies at Morris East.

1.Kérastase anti-oily shampoo for the dudes

You guys! This is like a miracle in a jar right now! It might be for the dudes, but it’s kind of fixing my oily hair problems. Hairdresser Krista at Fred gave me a sample and it might be changing my life. Changing it in the sense that I can leave the house without dry shampoo. Which right now, is a small miracle.

2. This Smythe jacket:

I’m sure we’ve talked Smythe before. But the crowd around my table demanded it and they are right. It’s a favourite. How much do I want to wear this all fall long? I don’t even know if there’s a way to measure how much. That jacket is totally killing me softly.

3. Oh hey pretty shoes!

If I wasn’t ordering saddle shoes this weekend, I’d be want/needing these shoes like nobody’s bizness.

4. Making mixed tapes.

Okay, so I don’t actually use tapes anymore (although I wish I did a little bit), but this is kind of one of my favourite things to do. I stress about them a lot. Especially over how to fit Dandy Warhols and Notorious B.I.G. on to the same mix (as yet unpossible). One of these days, I will totally figure out how to share this with you and it will be awesome. Right now I’m trying to make a mix for Former Intern Glynn and there’s a lot of mid-90s happening, but in a Coolio kind of way, not a rock sort of way. Somehow, I’m okay with that.

5. No Diggity by Paddy Casey

This should be more of a favourite than it is. It’s an Irish dude singing No Diggity. Usually Unexpected Covers are one of my favourite things. I’ve even made entire mixed tapes of Unexpected Covers. Have I just found a bad version of the song?

6. But this Unexpected Cover?

Solid gold. Golf claps to Jeff Tweedy.

7. And this video? Oh this is awesome.

You can thank Anthony for introducing me to this.

Ally: I’m posting late. It’s Friday morning and I have to argue with L-A on the Rebecca Black thing. The best thing in life is when I tell my toddler that it’s Friday and he starts riffing (is that the word the kids use these days?), “It Fri-day, Fri-day, I gets down Fri-day”. He gets his taste in music from me.

Speaking of the toddler, it’s his birthday weekend which is why I’m late posting and will be light on content today. Toddler birthdays require a great deal of prep.

I do wish to speak of this, however:


Look, I’m a big fan of celebrity gossip. I love smut. This I can’t really deal with. If the rumours are true, and a 17 year old just got insane plastic surgery on her face in order to support her new-found modeling career I just might cry.

Look, I’m with Lainey, people’s faces change as they age. Your weight goes up and down and your face tends to get a bit longer and leaner. I’m not sure this is the care here. Which makes me terribly sad.

So sad that I need to listen to this a few times. Look, L-A is off partying all day today. That means I can’t embed the video (she does everything for me on this blog). You’ll have to hit the link. Trust me. It’s worth it.



Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/FashionablePeople/~3/ZZUqDTREztY/

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