Favourite Fridays – November 6 Edition – reviews of pop music, garance, ANTM, and Chanel

AllyG: So, it seems as though tradition calls for me to add my pop video of the week. You could argue that this has nothing to do with fashion. I would argue that you should shut your face and pour more Baileys in your crappy work coffee. These videos inspire le fashion. Britney Spears…Anna Wintour…Chicken…Egg…which came first people….WHICH CAME FIRST?  So, this week, I present you with a little ditty that I’m head tilting over. Do I love it? Does it make me want to vomit? I can’t decide. The chorus is catchy, but the rest of the lyrics are trashier than the faux snakeskin boots I owned in my early twenties. They were thigh-high. They were horrible. I will recall these on my death bed and beg for forgiveness. Damn you Le Chateau!

Without further ado…

I think L-A would agree that this falls under so cheesy it’s good. L-A? L-A? Are you there? Shit. I think I just caused her brain to actually explode. I knew I was walking a fine line after the Britney video…perhaps selecting a “singer” with a dolla’ bill in her name was too much? “Ke$ha” heh heh. I know, I don’t know why L-A chooses to write with me either. Perhaps because when I spell “chose” with two “o’s” it makes her look smartish.

Now, I finally got to watch me some ANTM on Wednesday night. Mommy is teaching BabyG that Wednesday at 9pm is Mommy’s “Wine Time” as is Monday nights at 9pm. BabyG seems to enjoy these shows now that I have turned them into a sort of “storytime” for him. I recap what’s happening on the television (Please, the poor boy is still learning to focus) in a singsongy voice. For example, “Serena is tired of Blair’s games. Yes! Yes she is!” or “I KNOW! Tyra IS wearing a hideous outfit. I KNOW!” and BabyG’s fave, “So True! Erin does look like she’s posed like a hollywood madam in the shower before!”. For those tsk tsking me for allowing my child to watch TV, stuff your trap with granola. WE PLAY/READ/DANCE/SING/CRY ALL DAY LONG. My kid will read by six months. Trust.

Seriously, does anyone else despise Erin? What a douche. Her blonde eyebrows are killing me. KILLING ME. Her “jump” into the water was classic. I wish she had smacked down on her stupid face.

America's Next Top Model

Is this not the most uninspired photo you have ever seen?

With that said, I get why Sundai had to jet. Girl looked young enough to be BabyG’s girlfriend.

And finally, I have a new favourite blog. Martin (our best boy reader) sent this link to me. Clearly, Martin is a good friend. He’s been reading my posts/additions to L-A’s posts lately and has recognized my cry for help. Today he sent through the link to Garance Dore. Are you familiar? She is the writer of the Sartorialist’s partner. I believe this is her…


Sigh. I remember smoking in Paris. One night in particular when I sat on a restaurant patio and met an exchange student from Germany and we argued about the merits of Jacques-Lacan’s philosophy (I wholeheartedly buy into it) while drinking endless vats of wine and smoking endless packs of Parliments. Needless to say, I barfed. Now I’m smoke free and proud to be me. Moral of the story, Kids: SMOKING IS NOT COOL (unless you’re in Paris…then smoke till you barf).

Anyways, Martin sent me the link to a recent post on Garance Dore about “Cedric” and his ridiculously romantic jean shirt. You see, if you didn’t find Cedric hot enough, the post then goes on to inform you that he proudly wears a heart on this shirt pocket that his wife sewed on for him. ARE YOU DYING?



Go to her site. She’s brilliant and I love her photos and writing. You will too.

That’s all for me this week. Thanks to everyone for being patient with me and my crappy writing lately. I’m loving mommyhood, but learning that I can’t do it all. Of course, BabyG takes my whole heart, and tops my list of priorities. Except during “Wine Time”. Sigh. Wine Time.

P.S. Heads up. Beaujolais Nouveau arrives soon. Do you not know about The BN? OH.MY.GAWD. You need to know about the BN. It’s a national holiday in my house. Trust. You’ll love me for the heads up. Third Thursday of November people. THIRD THURSDAY. Mark your calendars you dirty drunks. You know I love you.

P.P.S. Can the third Thursday of November be one of our official somethings? Does that even make sense? L-A can answer this. I turn to L-A for anything important.

P.P.P. S. Turn to you…I’m turning to you, L-A….always.

L-A: Dear God, Ally. You have sunk to a new low. That may be the worst song/video you’ve posted yet.  As a matter of fact, I couldn’t even manage to watch it all. And that’s saying something – because I watched the Britney videos. I even watched an entire video of boys on Fire Island lip syncing to Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA (which you may or may not have introduced me to, but when it comes to bad pop music, I just assume it’s your fault I’ve heard it).  It’s a good thing I had a bag of Hershey’s mint creme truffle kisses to console myself with – or else I’d be mourning the loss of those three minutes of my life.  So, shout out to those Christmas themed candies. They are now a Friday Favourite.


source (did you know there were over 50 kinds of Hershey’s kisses?? I did not. Thank you Zoe. There are at least 49 varieties out there for me to try).

Next favourite of the week is Coco Avant Chanel. I saw in on Sunday and it was lovely. Partly because Audrey Tatou is still as adorable as ever, despite the slightly frumpy outfits Coco wore before she finally got her Chanel on. And partly because of this shirt:


Not kidding. Love. That. Shirt.  It’s stupid how much I love that French fisherman style shirt.  I love it so much that there will soon be an entire post on it.  But as much as I liked the story happening in the movie, I found myself thinking about that shirt. The scene where she daydreams under a tree and I guess figures out that her true calling is to start her own business? Yeah. Just about died for the striped shirt and men’s blazer combo.


Want it so bad.

Overall, as lovely as the movie was and as much as it deserves it’s place as a Friday Favourite, it will not be an all time favourite.  I would have liked a bit more of the Chanel outfits and a little less of the Avant Chanel. I know, that was the point of the movie…but the part where she finally dreams up the iconic Chanel suit? It was practically one of those cliché musical montages in lesser movies.  An entire collection was made in about two minutes.  It was a long movie and I wanted to see not just how Gabrielle became Coco, but Coco effing Chanel.  Cute to know how she got the nickname and interesting to see how she made her way into French society, but there was definitely some serious dragging in the middle of the movie where I was like, “enough with the old man and the French countryside. Design something already!”

And that’s it for me today. Congrats to one of our favourite readers for becoming Best Twitterer in Halifax!

I’m hoping to get us onto a better writing schedule, so we have some decent posts to give you on a regular basis. This week was a bit nutso for me.  I was hardly home and had to get to bed early every night (getting up early is hard! I should actually be in bed now instead of up writing), so didn’t put the time into the blog that I normally would.  I’d like us to stick to our five day a week schedule, but would you hate us if we did have to go to three days a week?

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