Favourite Fridays – the September 23rd issue

L-A: Welcome back Friday! You really don’t know how much I like you. You’re almost better than a Saturday. I mean, I still have to go to work and all, but you’ve got something that Saturday doesn’t have: and that’s you come before Saturday! I know that I can have a nap after work and I can sleep in the next day! Saturday doesn’t have that going for it at all.

So, let’s talk hates and favourites.


1. Facebook

I know, I know. Everyone is complaining about this. And I will totally get used to it. But right now, today, I’m annoyed. There’s a reason I had it set up for “top news” (and I use the word ‘news’ loosely). It’s because I don’t actually need to know that X is now friends with Y. Because I probably don’t know Y, so I don’t care that you know them enough to be Facebook friends. I also don’t want you to read in your ticker that I like that thing my friend said. I mean, if you like this new Facebook, cool. I just want to hide the stuff I don’t want. Is that too much to ask?

2. Stupid New TV Shows

I love new TV season. Love. But I hate having to sift through the crap while I wait for them to cancel the crap. For example, Whitney. Fuck that show sucks and I’ve only seen previews and watched it for five minutes. Apparently it’s taped in front of a live studio audience. FYI: that’s not better than a canned laugh track. This is a show with writers who actually want you to think the following is funny: “I have a girlfriend so I can’t participate in any merriment.” Because all women in relationships are really awful to their partners. But we can’t help it. Men are from Mars! Women are from Venus! Fuck. I need to move on because I’m starting to swear a lot. (To be fair, Whitney isn’t the only crappy show on TV. It’s just the one that’s on while I’m writing. 2 Broke Girls was also disappointing, despite the Kat Dennings. And I’m pretty sure I’d hate Charlie’s Angels).


1. New TV Season!

Okay! Let’s rebound fromSeeing as this was the Summer That Wasn’t, I’m totally ready to celebrate fall. At least it’s supposed to be kind of chilly. Anyway, celebrating fall means celebrating TV. I like TV a lot. I’ve argued before that a good TV show is better than a whole lot of movies out there. Like Friday Night Lights. Which totally won some Emmys. I was pretty excited about that.

Most of what I’m excited for is really cheesy and soapy, but what the hell, it’s damn enjoyable. Like the return of Sarah Michelle Gellar: she’s playing a recovering addict who’s taken over the life of her twin! who is dead! or maybe not!

As Anthony pointed out, who doesn’t love a good Parent Trap scenario. Except with a Murder Trunk. Good times.

It also means the return of Community and Parks and Rec.

The return of Parks and Rec also introduced me to the next favourite.

2. Anchor Blouse

Hells yes! A blouse full of anchors! I totally want/need this, even if it does cost 300 euros. Which probably equals roughly most of my rent. I kind of suck at economics, but if the Greek economy completely goes arse up, do we think that will devalue the euro enough that 298 euros will roughly equal $60 CDN? Because that’d be awesome for my online shopping plans.

3. Rookie Magazine

Okay, I’m torn here. I’ve got a love/hate on Tavi and her empire. I think I’m mostly just jealous. Jealous that I’m not involved in something awesome and Sassy-esque online. And that I wasn’t doing shit when I was 15 beyond camping and French club. It’ll annoy me, but if sassy teenage girls are liking it, then it’s a good thing.

4. This tweet:

I feel like this Twitter account is a joke, but I was still fully amused by this today.

5. The LC braid

I’d say i’ve been rocking this, but it’s less rocking and more lazy and needing a hair cut. Or the weather is misty and making my hair crazy flat and awful. I’m not very good at these braids and I still have to have my bangs, but you do what you’ve got to do.

6. Shoe shopping and happy hour wine dates with lady friends.

I really don’t feel like i need to explain why this is a favourite.

5. Here’s a video for you:

If only it didn’t have that skeevy Terry Richardson in it! Can’t he just focus on being a talented photographer and less of a skeev?

Anyway, if you haven’t got plans for tomorrow, Yelp and one of our favourite people are having an event called Yelp Eats for Hunger. You bring non-perishables and you get deals on food at really awesome restaurants. Feed NS wins. You win. Win/win! Good times.


Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/FashionablePeople/~3/WEQ2fsblF9U/

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