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Favourite Tuesday: The February 5th TV Edition

L-A: Last week, a stomach flu and fever unexpectedly kicked my ass hard on Thursday night, meaning all my grand plans to write a Friday post were dashed. It was even a call in sick day. And I’m not one for sick days (I hate missing stuff. You miss stuff when you’re sick). Which is why I’m going to bring you a whack of favourites today. To make up for our epic phone-in, we’re doing a whole Tuesday about things we’re loving on  TV right now. Because (for me anyway) being confined to your couch and eating only pudding and Gatorade gives you time to think about TV. A lot.

1. Game Changer Kisses 

As you may or may not know, I watch a lot of TV and have a lot of feelings about TV (hence this whole post). And in the history of my television feelings, there aren’t really that many I’d classify as a game changers. The kind that sucker punched me into saying, “what the what now? You did what with that chemistry?” This one being my all time favourite:

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Grab the arm, turn her around, kiss her like you motherfucking mean it and then both of you take a moment to let that shit sink in because holy crap, you kissed already and in a way that’s worthy of a run-on sentence.

And then last Tuesday, this shit went down on New Girl.

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Shit, son. That was unexpected. I mean, I expected it eventually, just not last week.  I have no idea how they’ll follow that up, but I will so be watching tonight to find out. (I’ve maybe watched that clip ten times already. Let’s not talk about how many times I’ve watched the Logan/Veronica kiss).

There are probably more of these game changers, but we’ll leave it at two for now. Let me know if you can think of any others, any others that aren’t Ross and Rachel. That couple pissed me off so much by the end of the series, I can’t even deal with the part when they were in my good books (okay, it was a good one, but way too much talky talk and build up – even in that one scene). But let’s be clear, when done well, a game-changer kiss is the best kind of  TV kiss.

2. Well played, Netflix.

House of Cards, American Style. You are watching, right?

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Let’s face facts: 1) I have never seen the British version; 2) this isn’t the best TV ever made, but it’s definitely enjoyable; 3) Netflix clearly understands the behaviour of the binge watcher. They released all 13 episodes at once; 4) Ally needs to get on this as it is so her jam (well, as much as anything not involving dirty rappers or country music is her jam. But she does enjoy herself some of that political thriller stuff); 5) I legit binged watch six episodes in one day.

But as we’re also a fashion blog, I think we need to take a moment to discuss Kate Mara (the less severe looking Mara sister) and discuss her style:

Favourite Tuesday: The February 5th TV Edition


She layers like a pro star. She also wears the hell out of a blazer over a sweatshirt and somehow still looks profesh(ish) (you know, depending on your profession). Robin Wright kills it on the bizness lady profesh style AND is a raging bitch with a purpose. I like her a lot.

3. I kind of binge-watch TV

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Not quite that bad, but I do love a good binge-watch.

Ally: Oh! I like talking about The Television! It was totes my jam before The Internet! These days, I tend to gravitate towards the “On Demand” selections offered up through HBO and Showtime. Right now it allows me to catch up on all five seasons of The Wire (which I think I talked about in a previous Favourite Friday post, but I don’t get out/do much so don’t mind if I do talk about The Wire again).

Boys of The Wire

I’m currently on Season Four, and I’m in love with the series. I’m torn between two lovers with Jimmy and Avon. Both so dreamy and inappropriate in their own ways!

Avon is a drug dealer, a quite a violent one at that, but he has tons of money and great style.

Favourite Tuesday: The February 5th TV Edition


He was wearing bandanas waaaaaay before Coachella made them popular again.

Favourite Tuesday: The February 5th TV Edition


He is also a fantastic businessman and I enjoy how he takes his burger (season three clip below, so, spoiler alert if you’re on season two or shit).

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Then there is Jimmy. Jimmy drinks a lot. He would likely take me to a pub and give me a dinner consisting of a pitcher of beer, never calling me again even though he PROMISED = Swooon!

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It also took El Jeffe and I far too long to figure out how we recognized this kid:

Favourite Tuesday: The February 5th TV Edition


Going from HBO’s acclaimed, The Wire to…

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…playing Dixon on the new 90210. Downgrade? I honestly don’t know. Possibly embarrassing that we were actually able to recognize him as the kid on the new 90210.

[L-A: whaaaat? That’s Dixon? Holy crap! I didn’t even notice until I read this. And probably shouldn’t admit this.]


I really enjoy Beyoncé. I have the majority of her albums and I do the obligatory dance-along when Single Ladies comes on the radio. I enjoyed her at the Superbowl half time show. What I did not enjoy was her answer to lipsync gate at the President’s Inauguration. Look, some people have to lip sync. Britney Spears, for example. Britney has to lip sync. However, I highly doubt Britney was on the list of contenders for the President’s Special Day. You invite Beyoncé because she has established herself as a strong vocalist, you’re not asking for hair flips…you’re asking for her voice. So please, save the “I was too busy rehearsing for the Superbowl” argument. I ain’t interested. You know who else isn’t interested?

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Do you see that, Bey? That’s P!nk. Yes, I hear you, she’s “inside”. It’s “warm” at the Grammys. But please note that she’s spinning in the air after being soaked in water. She’s singing. And she’s wearing see-through, sparkly long-johns…I mean, that can’t be comfy.


Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/FashionablePeople/~3/GGpjrw95WFs/

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